PVC Foam Board Extrusion

PVC Skinning Foam Board Extrusion Machine consists of special designed twin-screw extruder, T-die, shaping mould and related downstream line. It has the characters of high output, stable extrusion, low cost for maintenance and high foamed ratio for the finished product. By cooperating with printing, laminating and hot stamping machine, all kinds of imitation wood products can be easily produced in this line.
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Product Details


Main extruder



Width of finished product

715mm, 915mm, 1220mm

915mm, 1220mm

Thickness of finished product

(5-25) mm

(5-25) mm

Max output



Main drive power



Machine advantage:

POLYTECH invent the third generation of PVC Skinning Foam Board Extrusion Machine. It improve the capacity of machine, low down labor cost, increase the quality of the finished board. The automatic machine design, lead a new time for the extrusion machine. POLYTECH insert the smart PLC technology into machine system, which offer our final user good after machine service and inspection immediately.


PVC Skinning Foam Board Extrusion Machine is mainly used in the production of free foam sheet, which is wildly used in the following fields: cabinets, bathroom and all kinds of high-grade furniture boards, decorative building material, advertising material, automobile, train, ship interior decoration material.

Machine after service

1. Machine installation and testing in customer factory.

2. Supply the professional formulation and technicians.

3. Workshop design guidance and base equipment preparation.

4. Operator do training in POLYTECH product factory or customer factory.

5. One key service to final user.

6. Give suggestion to customer about market, network promotion.

7. 12monthes guarantee and long life machine maintenance.

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