Roof Tile forming Machine

ASA PVC royal roofing tile making machinery for PVC roof tile consists of extruder, T-die and shaping downstream units;The plastic glazed tile production line can continuous extruding single layer PVC glazed tile, PVC/PMMA and PVC/ASA composite multi-layer glazed tile.
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Product Details


Specification of the tile (Can be customized according to design)

Width: 880/1050mm

Wave pitch: 160mm  

Wave distance: 220mm

Height: 30mm  

Thickness: 1~3mm

Main extruder

SJZS-80 / 156+ SJ50 / 30

Max output


Max traction force




Competitive Advantage:

ASA PVC royal roofing tile making machinery equipped with coat hanger flat die and a pneumatic shaping mould, this line has a more stable shaping process and more easily adjustable for the thickness control. Using rubber hauling roller matched with the waveform of sheets, it provides more smooth traction. Its automatic angular cutter ensure the cutting section tidy. It can be cut by metering length.


ASA PVC royal roofing tile making machinery is mainly used in the production of plastic glazed tile. The plastic glazed tiles are widely used in the garden-style factory, tourist scenic spots, pavilions, hotels, family building, etc.

Glazed tile product features:

1. Excellence weather fastness;

2. Waterproof outstanding performance;

3. Wind resistance, quake-proof;

4. Rich color, new personalized, stable and lasting;

5. Excellent fireproof performance;

6. Heat insulation, heat preservation;

7. Good sound insulation performance;

8. Excellent toughness and strength;

9. Simple construction--paving speed most quickly,construction cost minimum;

10. Economical.

Machine after service

1. Machine installation and testing in customer factory.

2. Supply the professional formulation and technicians.

3. Workshop design guidance and base equipment preparation.

4. Operator do training in POLYTECH product factory or customer factory.

5. One key service to final user.

6. Give suggestion to customer about market, network promotion.

7. 12monthes guarantee and long life machine maintenance.

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