PVC Roofing Sheet Production Machine

The plastic corrugated roof sheet making machine by following parts:
1, Extruder
2, Extrusion mould
3, Calibration system
4, Haul-off machine
5, Cutter and stacker
The plastic corrugated roof sheet making machine consists of conical double screw extruder, hanger-style flat die, size forming mould, high-efficiency vacuum pump, hauling-off unit, pneumatic cutter and other auxiliary equipment.
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The plastic corrugated roof sheet making machine is mechanotronics, with the advantages of:

1) High production efficiency;

2) Reasonable structure compact;

3) Convenient operation and maintenance;

4) Long use life etc.





840-1130 mm


1130-1450 mm

ShapeRound / trapezoidalShapeRound / trapezoidal

Main extruder

SJZS-65 / 132&80 / 156

SJZS-80 / 156&92 / 188

Max output

250-450 kg/h


Drive motor




The plastic corrugated roof sheet making machine is mainly used in the production of plastic roofing tile, which is characterized by its semi transparent, bright color, no-easy color fading, high intensity, fire-proof performance, weather resistance, resistance to acid and alkali as well as organic solvent and low cost.

The Plastic Corrugated Roofing Sheet is widely used in:

Roofing for workshop, warehouse, market;

Roofing for parking lot, corridor, passage, balcony;

Clapboard of the road and etc.


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