PVC Transperent Roofing Sheet Production Machine

The pvc translucent roof panel forming machine is developed by POLYTECH. The machine is very flexible and multi function. You can can make PET, PC ROOF TILE buy using its downstream forming machine.
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Quick Detail:

The PVC translucent roof machine

1. single extruder(you can use pvc granule), conical screw extruder, you can use pvc compounding material.

2. T die for transperent material.

3. shaping wave downstream line.

4. PLC control system for whole line.

Competitive Advantage:

This PVC PP translucent roof tile making machine has advantages of stable performance, compacted structure, high automation and easy operation. Beside the corrugated PC roof sheet, this line can also produce the PC flat sheet.


Main extruder

SJ120/38, SJ45/30

SJ120/38, SJ45/30

Width of finished product

700 to 1000mm

1000 to 1300 mm

Thickness of finished product



Max output

380kg/h, 50kg/h

380kg/h, 50kg/h

Main drive motor

160kw, 22kw

160kw, 22kw

Pvc semi transparent roof advantage:

Features and application of PVC wave tile: excellent fireproof performance, non-flammable material, no Spontaneous combustion, chemical corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, fast heat dissipation, excellent lighting performance and long service life; special technical formula, resistant to outdoor atmospheric exposure, It has good heat insulation performance and can provide a more comfortable environment than metal tiles in hot summer. It has wide application range, and it is very suitable for workshops, warehouses, carports, farmer's markets, hoardings, wall bodies, temporary shops and thermal insulation sheds. Composite tile can not only replace asbestos tile, cement tile, color steel tile and the strength of color steel tile, and the cost is only one third of the color steel tile. The project has little investment, low risk, high profit and broad market prospects. The international standard of product specifications is: 1130×13000×2mm, the maximum width is 1.1m, and the length can be extended indefinitely. Considering the convenience of transportation and installation, the recommended length is 3~8m.

The product can be widely used in roofing, waterproofing and heat insulation decoration of factories, shopping malls, warehouses and residential quarters. Saw foam, etc.); inorganic binder. Product features light weight, no deformation, waterproof and moisture proof, thermal insulation, flame retardant, anti-aging, good processing performance, nailing, sawing or bonding, easy to install, absolutely free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde and asbestos, green energy saving and environmental protection Building materials. The production cost of the product superiority is similar to that of asbestos tile, but the strength of the product is 20 times that of asbestos tile, and the service life is more than 10 times that of asbestos tile. Production conditions and benefits.

Note: The above data is calculated by producing 8 hours per day and 250 days per year. The annual net profit generally accounts for more than 30% of the annual output value.

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