PP PE Irrigation Pipe Machine

The screw diameter is 60mm. The L/D ratio is 28:1. And the screw Material is 38CrMoAlA (Special alloy steel for screw). The Surface treating is tempering, ion nitrating, polished.
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SJDY-60×28/1 Single Screw Bolt Extruder:

The screw diameter is 60mm. The L/D ratio is 28:1. And the screw Material is 38CrMoAlA (Special alloy steel for screw). The Surface treating is tempering, ion nitrating, polished.

The barrel material is 38CrMoAlA (Special alloy steel for screw). The heating control zone is 3 zones . The heating power is 12.8K .

The heating way is ceramic heating ring.

The barrel is cooled by blower and the blower power is 0.05KW .

The Characteristics Of Drip Irrigation Tape With Embedded Patch

1. Manufactured by secondary molding process, with higher manufacturing accuracy;

2. The spacing of the dropper can be set so as to meet the irrigation requirements of different crops and to maximize the water-saving and increasing efficiency;

3. Multi-window water inlet is adopted to improve the anti-clogging performance, together with the design of turbulent flow channel, the state is stable and the water drop is uniform;

4. Optimize material formula, improve corrosion and aging resistance.

The use of the production line of drip irrigation tape with embedded patch

The products of drip irrigation belt with embedded patch are widely used in planting field crops, fruits and vegetables and landscaping.


1. Adopting PLC centralized control, the production process is stable and easy to operate, which can effectively and continuously produce drip irrigation tape products with embedded patch.

2. The feeding, screening, conveying, storage, quantitative supply and embedding of the drip head are completed automatically and synchronously. The conveying operation speed can be adjusted according to the production speed of the drip irrigation tape, so as to ensure that the drip head can be delivered to the best bonding position of the drip head and the pipe band accurately and firmly.

3. The extruder adopts new structure of screw barrel, head and coffin sizing sleeve, and USES special material and advanced process to finally make the material plasticized uniformly, the surface of pipe is smooth, and the sizing dimension is accurate.

4. The vacuum water tank and cooling water tank are made of stainless steel. The vacuum degree in the vacuum water tank and the temperature of the circulating cooling water can be adjusted flexibly and accurately according to the production requirements and remain stable.

5. Two tractors with frequency conversion control are adopted. The traction speed can be adjusted synchronously according to production requirements.

6. Mechanical stamping is adopted to complete the punching, and equipped with automatic chip absorber device. The drilling speed is fast and there is no residue.

7. Dual-station central expansion force take-up and far-infrared electronic counting device are adopted. When the length is set, the take-up device will automatically alarm, and the take-up does not need to stop. Crimp length can be set freely (close at 2000m).


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