Why Is Synthetic Resin Tile More And More Popular

- Aug 06, 2020-

For a long time, people's understanding of roofing materials is mostly focused on the understanding of tiles. As waterproof, thermal insulation and heat insulation roofing materials, clay tile is one of the roof materials which are used more and has a long history in China. However, clay tiles consume land resources and become construction waste when they are discarded, which is not conducive to the development of ecological environment. In order to protect cultivated land, protect the environment and save energy, China has restricted and gradually banned the use of clay tiles, and vigorously promote the use of non clay tiles resin tiles. From the development trend, the light material resin tile will gradually replace the clay tile.


Slowly, many new roof material tiles came into being. Now roof material tiles are developing towards light, beautiful, environmental protection, fire protection, sound insulation and heat insulation. The traditional roofing materials such as asbestos tile and iron sheet tile can not meet the current market demand in terms of performance. The iron sheet tile is easy to rust and corrode. If it is used in coastal areas and chemical plants, its service life will become shorter. Facing many problems that are difficult to solve in traditional roofing materials, Hangzhou baolitai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., the largest resin tile equipment manufacturer in China, has been slowly opened Started research and innovation of light material resin tile, light material resin tile has become a new favorite of roof building materials.


Hangzhou Polytech Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to the production of professional synthetic resin tile equipment. Resin tile, also known as lightweight tile, synthetic resin tile, flat to slope tile, antique plastic tile and plastic steel tile, is a new type of roof material tile which is more popular in recent years. The synthetic resin tile produced by Hangzhou baolitai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. adopts the most advanced three-layer coextrusion (A / B / C) technology. The surface is ASA layer, the middle layer is return layer, and the bottom layer is PVC layer. It has attracted many people's attention with its environmental friendly materials, light and easy installation quality, novel and simple shape, beautiful and antique appearance, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and sound insulation. The synthetic resin tile equipment produced by Hangzhou Polytech Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. occupies the largest share of the market at home and abroad. The synthetic resin tile produced by the equipment is also widely used in high-grade villas, scenic pavilions, antique buildings, and is now vigorously promoting the "flat to slope" project. Synthetic resin tile has long-lasting color, good supply effect, strong fire resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, excellent insulation performance, excellent load resistance, impact resistance and low temperature resistance. The surface material of synthetic resin tile is made of imported super high weatherability engineering resin. It has super durability in the natural environment, even if it is exposed to ultraviolet, humidity, heat and cold for a long time, it can still maintain its color stability. The synthetic resin tile equipment of Hangzhou Polytech Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is recognized by more and more people, purchased by more and more people, and applied by more and more roofs. Therefore, the synthetic resin tile will be a gorgeous landscape on the roof. Hangzhou Polytech synthetic resin tile equipment promotes the development of synthetic resin tile.