Which Roof Is Suitable For Resin Tile Produced By Resin Tile Production Line?

- Aug 03, 2020-

Which roof is suitable for resin tile produced by resin tile production line?

Roof suitable for resin tile

1、 High grade roof

The resin tile is durable and can maintain the stability of its function and color even if it is exposed to outdoor environment for a long time. The tile surface is compact and smooth, can produce "lotus leaf effect", is not easy to absorb dust, has self-cleaning performance, no need to repair and maintain during use, it is very suitable for high-grade roof.

2、 Flat to slope project

The "flat to slope" project was started in Shanghai. "Flat to slope" can improve the thermal insulation and waterproof function of the old top floor buildings. After the completion of the project, the residents living on the top floor will obviously feel the benefits of changing from flat to sloping, and there will be no need to worry about the leakage of the roof in rainy days. According to the different waterproof grades, the service life of "flat to sloping" roof is 50 years.

3、 Villa

The villa is also suitable for resin tiles. Before the installation of resin tile, the construction of roof structural layer, waterproof layer, thermal insulation layer and leveling layer has been completed and passed the acceptance. After the construction of the leveling layer for laying synthetic resin tile is completed, the curing time shall not be less than 14 days, and it is strictly forbidden to chisel or press heavy objects on it. Before installation, the flatness shall be tested with a 2m guiding rule, and the allowable deviation of the surface flatness of the leveling layer shall be 5mm.

4、 Garden Pavilion

The surface of the wood board is flat, the material deformation is small, and the thickness of the board is more than 12mm (the thickness of the board is selected according to the spacing between the roof trusses); the board and the purlin or roof beam are reliably connected with galvanized nails or bolts. The use of synthetic resin tiles in garden pavilions is very good both in physical quality and in appearance.

The resin tile is light in weight, large in single sheet area, high in paving efficiency and convenient in lifting, unloading and handling, which can significantly improve the work efficiency, save labor and shorten the construction period; the synthetic resin tile is durable, even if it is exposed to outdoor environment for a long time, it can still maintain the stability of its use function and color. Resin tile is a new generation of light building materials, which is strongly advocated and promoted by our country. The products are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and renewable.

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