What Should I Know Before Buying Resin Tile?

- Mar 23, 2020-

  1. Main tile: the width of resin tile is generally fixed, and the length is generally customized according to your needs. Resin tile is generally divided into two types: trapezoid tile used in the plant and antique tile used in the house. The length of trapezoid tile can be cut according to your requirements. Here, we focus on the calculation method of the length of antique resin tile. The length of one section of antique resin tile is 0.219 M.For example, if you want to make a 7-meter-long tile, you use 7 ÷ 0.219 = 31.96 knots. Generally, it is round to the reserved integer. There are 32 sections. Then 32x0.219 = 7.008 meters. This is the actual length you need to customize.

  2. Purchase of resin tile accessories: according to the actual engineering cases, resin tile factories all want to match the products.

  3. Purchase of matching screws for resin tile waterproof fasteners: in the mainland, it is generally enough to hit 4 screws per square meter. If the natural environment is poor, such as strong wind, hail and other weather, it is recommended to hit 6 screws per square meter.

  4. Purchase of other accessories: the consumption of other accessories is generally small. For example, the length of ditch and edge sealing is the same as the width budget of main tile. Other accessories can be purchased according to the actual modeling requirements.

  5. The above is the necessary data for resin tile purchase. Resin tile equipment manufacturers provide professional technical guidance. Before you buy, just give us the house drawings, and we will provide you with free data calculation..