Synthetic Resin Tile Equipment Installation And Commissioning

- Aug 18, 2017-

For an area that I have not touched before, most customers have some concerns, the most worrying of which is the after-sales.

In the field of plastic machines, it helps customers to debug installations, and training personnel is very important, and then long-term and timely after-sales.

Baolitai Company adheres to the following principles for installation and commissioning, and please inform new customers:

1: Tell the customer about the approximate time of the device.

2: Inform customers to do the infrastructure construction work in advance.

3: Check the customer's preparation work, including electricity, water, gas, raw materials.

4: Personnel dispatching is done one week in advance, and special handling is required for special circumstances.

5: General routine production line commissioning training time is 7 days to 10 days.

6: The technicians are in place, the first day assists in the installation of the cable, the second sky machine test machine, the third day the material test machine, the fourth day after the equipment is stable, you can start training personnel, mainly the basic operation, and the need to pay attention to section.

7: The customer evaluates and signs according to the performance of our commissioning staff, and the feedback will be handed over to our sales archive.

There may be some unexpected situations on the way, and customers should also be prepared:

a: Reasons for some parts of the device

b: raw material reasons

c: artificial cause

d: reasons for incomplete customer infrastructure preparation, etc.

According to our many years of experience, for some reasons, we will try our best to avoid external factors, such as raw materials, and our experienced masters will eliminate them as soon as possible.

Therefore, it is especially important to communicate with customers in the early stage. Often, when people are in place, customers need more time to prepare, such as electricity, such as water. These require good communication between the two parties.

The above content is for reference by some new customers. Our company will also provide corresponding assistance according to different situations of different customers.