Resin Tile Equipment Also Has Specifications And Standards, Do You Understand?

- Jul 06, 2020-

Nowadays, more and more enterprises develop, produce and sell resin tile, and more and more customers are willing to choose resin tile.

However, whether it is the resin tile equipment that produces the resin tile, or the sales personnel who sell the resin tile equipment, or the users, they are most concerned about the quality problem. Hangzhou baolitai resin tile equipment, with you to carry out some testing and analysis, I hope to help you.

In the test standard of resin tile, the following items of resin tile performance test are mainly specified:

  1. Artificial aging test report of synthetic resin tile (10000 hours of artificial aging is equivalent to 20 years of actual use)

2. The synthetic resin tile was tested under low temperature drop hammer impact (0 ℃, 1H). The product report showed that the steel ball with a weight of one kilogram fell freely on the surface of the tile from a height of 1 m, and the product was not damaged after 10 times of low temperature falling ball impact. After 10 freeze-thaw cycles, the product has no hollowing, blistering, peeling, cracks and other phenomena. )The standard synthetic resin tile itself has very good load resistance performance. It has been tested by the National Quality Supervision Station of building materials and components that there is no damage under the condition of support spacing of 750mm and uniform load of 150kg. The inferior synthetic resin tile will be broken when workers step on it.

3. Test report of fire-proof building materials of the product (code for fire protection design of building interior decoration a2.6, judgment of plastic combustion performance grade B1 or above)

4. The standard synthetic resin tile can resist the corrosion of various chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt for a long time. It has no chemical effect in salt, alkali and acid below 60% for 24 hours. Poor synthetic resin tile surface layer using its pigment will produce chemical reaction, even produce fading.