Product Characteristics And Application Range Of PVC Roof Tile

- Aug 04, 2020-

PVC roof tile equipment is made of PVC resin PVC as the main raw material, supplemented by UV anti ultraviolet agent and other chemical raw materials, through scientific proportion and advanced technology. The tiles produced by PVC roof tile equipment have good fire resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance. They do not contain asbestos. They have bright colors and are environmentally friendly and healthy.


The tile produced by PVC roof tile equipment has excellent waterproof performance. 1. Excellent waterproof performance (the high weatherability resin used for roof tile has no microporous water seepage problem, and has excellent waterproof performance.) Strong self-cleaning ability (the surface of roof tile is compact and anti-skid, once washed by natural rain, it will be as clean as new, and there will be no scaling, spots and other phenomena). The tile body produced by PVC roof tile equipment is stable (the expansion coefficient of roof tile is 4.93 × 10 / 1 ℃), even if the temperature changes greatly, its thermal expansion and cold contraction performance can be digested by itself to ensure stability. The quality of PVC roof tile equipment is light (1.0 mm thick roof tile is only 1.85 kg / m2, which belongs to light material.) The main resin of roof tile belongs to flame retardant material, and its fireproof performance reaches grade B1 The thermal insulation effect of PVC roof tile equipment is good (the thermal conductivity of roof tile is 0.325w/mk, about 1 / 3 of 10 mm thick clay tile, 1 / 5 of 10 mm cement tile, and 1 / 2000 of 0.5 mm thick color steel tile). Excellent impact resistance (1kg iron ball falls freely on the tile surface from 1.5m height at room temperature, and the product has no damage and excellent impact resistance).


PVC roof tile equipment produced tile excellent corrosion resistance (roof tile main body synthetic resin has very good corrosion resistance, will not be eroded by acid and alkali lead to performance degradation, is very suitable for chemical plants, salt spray corrosion in coastal areas and serious air pollution areas.) The insulation effect of PVC roof tile equipment is good (the material used in roof tile has sound insulation performance, which can effectively filter sound up to 35% ~ 50%) The light transmission performance is better than that of the same type of building materials (the material used for roof tile has light transmission performance, and the light stealing rate is 20% ~ 30%, which can increase indoor lighting and save power consumption.) It is a new type of environmental protection building materials recommended by the state (the materials used in roof tiles have the function of recycling and reusing. When the material is used, it can be further processed into its accessories, such as diesel oil). The tiles produced by PVC roof tile equipment have good insulation performance (roof tiles have insulation performance, non-conductive, improve the safety factor of buildings and residents).


The tiles produced by PVC roof tile equipment are widely used in permanent buildings such as workshops, workshops, warehouses, residences, car sheds, agricultural markets, highway hoardings and other permanent buildings. The tiles produced by PVC roof tile equipment are especially suitable for corrosive industries such as ceramic production workshops, fertilizer warehouses, zinc plating plants, aluminizing plants and chemical plants.