Polytech- Summary 2018, Looking Forward To 2019

- Dec 18, 2018-

Today is December 18, 2018, and there are still 13 days in the countdown to 2019. I am sighed by the busyness of 2018, and I am full of anticipation of the unknown in 2019.

Busy in 2018, time flies. Before 2018, the team had no time to complete the 2017 order, and the order for 2018 was scheduled to go to May and June. If it is not the company's products with personalized market characteristics, I think we can completely mass production with other peers. Just like synthetic resin tile production line equipment, PVC floor equipment, customer groups are different, so we can only meet the needs of end customers if we create characteristic needs. To help our customers have a place in their own market. Many customers have complained about our long delivery time, and I would like to explain it here. Most of the industry's peers know our company. In our minds, we have three characteristics. Baolitai is an established company with a long life. We are mainly engaged in all kinds of plastic tile equipment, and there is treasure. Litai equipment prices are high! Finally, to the customer's ear, they simply said that Polaroid equipment is very expensive. Here, clarify our problem: for a long time, we have chosen a matching supplier with a slow delivery time. Why are you not willing to change a short time, and these suppliers will make mistakes? In the past 20 years, Polaroid has tried a lot of ways to seek cooperation, the purpose is to enable our plastic tile equipment to operate for a long time, stable, and to bring profits to customers. Everyone has a preference, not necessarily meeting the needs of all the public, but in this case, we only have to find probabilistic events, and the one with the least probability of occurrence is the object we choose the most.

Therefore, the suppliers of Polytech cooperation are generally the same as ours. The company has a long history and a strong professionalism. Good equipment takes time to build, so the length of time becomes a problem. Of course, we also carry out stocking processing. Even so, it is in short supply. Then say that the price is expensive; the Chinese have an old saying, called wool out of the sheep. The reason why this ancient proverb has a long history is that it is profound. Most of our purchased accessories, customers can find genuine products on the market, the price is also very transparent, and all buyers who are careful, can compare the difference. As the saying goes, the gentleman uses materials and has a proper way. Always share with customers, if you want to lower the price, it is very easy for an experienced plastic machinery manufacturer. For the fierce competition in 2018, Polytech still keeps its initial heart and is unyielding. In addition to using busy to describe Polytech in 2018, we feel that there are changes and attempts. Even the veteran companies can't sit down and watch the sky. For the impact of peers, we take an attitude of positive learning and learn from each other. The existence of each form has his own unique advantages. Polytech is also willing to change to meet the market demand for plastic tile equipment. Of course, these changes must be based on high quality and high credibility. Let the company continue the spirit of ingenuity.

 13 years later, Polytech will set sail again, with a busy, with change, with more expectations, with all employees, with all Polytech customers, to develop the new continent, new resources!