Plastic Cone Double Extruder Daily Maintenance Knowledge

- Aug 14, 2017-

The after-sales of any company is not only to solve the problems that occur during the use of the customer's products, but also to let the customer know more about the product and the main points of daily maintenance. This time I have compiled the daily maintenance precautions for the plastic cone double extruder. I hope that the majority of users of our company can pay more attention when using them, and can avoid unnecessary losses caused by imperfections in operation.

Daily maintenance and regular maintenance of the plastic cone twin-screw extruder. During the operation of the extruder, the extruder should be maintained and maintained according to certain safety technical performances, which not only facilitates the operation of the twin-screw extruder equipment, but also It can effectively guarantee the maximum safety of equipment and personnel.

The plastic cone double extruder is divided into a twin screw extruder and a single screw extruder. The screw extrusion system is maintained in two ways: daily maintenance and regular maintenance:

First, the common maintenance knowledge of twin-screw extruder

1, routine maintenance is a routine routine work, does not account for equipment operation hours, usually completed during driving. The focus is on cleaning the machine, lubricating the moving parts, tightening the loose threaded parts, checking and adjusting the motor, controlling the instrument, working parts and piping, etc. in time.

2. The screw can only be started at low speed, and the idle time is no more than 3 minutes.

3. After the machine has been used for a period of time, do a comprehensive inspection to check the tightness of all the screws.

4. When opening the cylinder cover or the exhaust cover, prevent foreign objects from falling into the host.

5. After 500 hours of use of the extruder, there will be iron scraps or other impurities from the gear box. Therefore, the gear should be cleaned and the gearbox oil should be replaced at the same time.

6. If the steering fullness of the meter and the pointer is found, check whether the contact of the thermocouple and other edges is good.

7. No debris is allowed in the material. It is strictly forbidden to enter hard materials such as metal and sand into the hopper and extruder.

8. If the production is interrupted, the main drive and heating stop. When the power supply is restored, the barrels must be reheated to the specified temperature and kept warm for a period of time before the extruder can be started.

9, to have enough warm-up time, manual should be light before driving. Generally, it should be kept at a constant temperature for 2 hours after reaching the process set temperature.

10. Designate a person to be responsible for equipment maintenance. Detailed records of each maintenance and repair situation are included in the plant equipment management file.

Our after-sales department will continue to summarize the problems reflected by the customers, and inform the maintenance of the relevant equipment of our company, so as to avoid the phenomenon of secondary recurrence.

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