Plastic Cone Double Extruder Barrel Screw Maintenance And Maintenance

- Jul 10, 2017-

Screw maintenance

(1) It is not allowed to start the screw rotation at random. Before the start of the car, check the test run to adapt to the low speed start. The shorter the turn time, the better (not more than 2min~3min). If everything is normal, stop immediately.

(2) The temperature rise and constant temperature time before driving must be guaranteed. The temperature of the heat preservation after the process temperature is reached should be no less than 1h~2h. This avoids increasing the working torque of the screw due to temperature unevenness due to plasticization of the material.

(3) When handing over the shift, carefully listen to whether the working sound of the screw is normal. If abnormal noise is found, stop immediately, report the relevant personnel to check and eliminate the fault.

(4) Disassemble the screw with professional tools, not allowed to hit with a heavy hammer

The disassembly sequence is as follows:

1. Disassemble the connection between the nozzle and the nozzle barrel.

2. Separate the screw rear connection part from the drive shaft.

3. Remove the connecting flange and move the screw forward.

4. When the screw head is exposed to the barrel, immediately remove the screw head connection thread (note: the thread here is mostly left-handed).

5, remove the check ring and seal ring

6. Remove the nozzle, check ring, seal ring and screw. Use a copper brush and a shovel tool to clean the residual material. Specially difficult to clean the adhesive should be heated in the oven (to soften the adhesive) and then cleaned.

7. After cleaning all the parts of the screw, it is found that there is slight wear or scratch, and the sand is polished with fine sand.

8. When assembling the parts on the screw together, apply the molybdenum disulfide heat-resistant grease to each threaded joint for the next disassembly.

9. The surface of the screw that is not used temporarily should be coated with protective oil and hung in a safe place.

I hope that all the customers and bosses will pay more attention to the maintenance and repair of the equipment while using our equipment, which will extend the service life of the equipment.