Mexico Customer Visit Our Company For Spc Flooring Sheet Machine

- Sep 17, 2019-

Polytech develop spc machine line for 4 years. now the market is very hot, expecially north American countries. There are so many advantage for the spc sheet. So the sales separate very fast in the USA market. You can find so many different patterns for the spc sheet in homedep market. You can know how to make DIY sheet by the manufacturer instruction.

Following is the rough idea for the processing:

SPC Flooring advantages:

1. Stain resistance, resistant to acid and alkline, easy to maintain

2. High resilience, good skid resistance

3. Wearing resistance, antibacterial, Insect-resistance, mildew resistance

4. Good dimensional stability, won't deform under the influence of temperature or humidity

5. Completely safe, formaldehyde free, eco-friendly and environmental protection

6. Have various kinds of design and color, customizing is welcome

7. Fireproof, B1

8. Light-weight, lighten the load of the building