Machine For Roofing Sheet From POLYTECH

- Jul 22, 2019-

Creative Spirit - - - Adhering to Customer First and Serving with Attention

Recently, our company make machine for roofing sheet was honored to receive an interview with our Hangzhou POLYTECH Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. by the CCTV ingenuity column group. The ingenuity will continue to lead us forward, keep forging ahead, adhere to customer first, and serve with heart.


Hangzhou POLYTECH Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd defines quality as the most important foundation.Machine for roofing sheet excellent product quality is the confidence of the company, and also the cornerstone of honest treatment of customers. The collapse of many brands is not because all of his products have problems, often a product or part of the product has a quality problem, leading to the overall exclusion of the brand by customers, resulting in the decline or even decline of the brand, disappearance. It's hard not to satisfy the customers when the quality has passed the customs, and then implement the high quality service and regular visits and contacts. In the current competitive extruder market, customers are demanding higher and higher cost performance ratio of equipment, so most enterprises choose to increase their profits by reducing costs. Personally, I think this is a good way, but in the process of cost reduction, the first thing to be firm and unshakable is product quality, which is to optimize, innovate and reduce costs as far as possible without affecting product quality, so as to achieve win-win situation. We often say that customers are God. Perhaps, you will feel that God is a little illusory, a little far away from us, a little far from us, in fact, customers are real people, need a real feeling, and this feeling is from the real service we provide. A kind address, a kind explanation and a timely post-sale can win the trust of customers.

Adhere to the business philosophy of customer first and dedicated service. Business management begins with ideas, which guide action. Ideas can also be understood as values. They are the value criteria and criteria for our understanding and judgment. They guide us to do what we do, what we do, what we do and what we do not do. Values and concepts are our criteria and basis for judging things, analyzing problems and making decisions. We agree with a concept, a value, in order to use a unified standard to judge and choose to do things, so that we can think from one place to another, strive to make things more efficient and reduce the cost of cooperation. We choose the concept of "customer first, service with heart" to focus our company's goals on customers, mobilize and allocate resources around customer requirements, to meet customer needs, to realize customer value, and to realize enterprise value and employee value by realizing customer value. Choosing customer orientation means giving up technology orientation, production orientation, product orientation and so on. All these orientations should serve customer orientation, so as to better gather strength and realize enterprise development.

Return to fundamentals and practice machine for roofing sheet basic skills. Business management is the basic principle and skill of an enterprise. Business is customer-centered, management serves business and is interlinked. Both are eternal themes of enterprise development. We must take action under the command of ideas, return to the basic aspects of business management and practice basic skills. Enterprise benefit does not come from the inside of the enterprise, but from providing products and services to customers. Only after customers' approval and satisfaction can the enterprise obtain benefits. Management can not solve the problem of making money, but internal management of the enterprise can provide strong support for making money. We need to use the high efficiency of management to achieve the high efficiency of operation.


Keeping the vitality and fighting power of an organization is an important task that an enterprise must attach great importance to. Enterprises, such as people, will produce fatigue over time and lead to enterprise failure. This fatigue comes from the inertia and negative energy accumulated and precipitated by an organization, followed by excessive dependence on the past successful experience of the enterprise. Our company make machine for roofing sheet will also encounter this problem. Only by overcoming the fatigue of this organization can we keep the vitality and fighting power of the organization.