Introduction Of PVC Corrugated Tile

- Jul 22, 2020-

PVC wave tile equipment production products are to meet the needs of market development. The products produced by PVC wave tile equipment are new building materials developed by high-tech chemical technology. They are a new generation of light environmental protection building materials vigorously advocated and promoted by the state. The products are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and renewable. The unique performance advantages of PVC corrugated tile products have won the general attention and recognition of the construction industry. It is widely used in the Development Zone flat to slope, agricultural markets, shopping malls, residential areas, high-grade villas, awning, sunshade, antique buildings, etc. The main component of the products produced by PVC wave tile equipment is synthetic resin, that is, a kind of synthetic polymer. Under the action of external force, it can be in the state of plastic flow,

Some properties are similar to natural resins. The surface material of synthetic resin tile is the most important one. The selection of surface material directly affects the service life of resin tile. In most cases, excellent super weather resistant material ASA is selected and finally formed by surface coextrusion. The weatherability of the product directly leads to the service life of the synthetic resin tile. At the same time, the product quality of PVC corrugated tile equipment is also related to the use of surface materials and coextrusion technology. Standard synthetic resin tile can resist acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals for a long time. The pigment used in the surface layer of inferior PVC corrugated tile will produce chemical reaction and even fade.

The products produced by PVC wave tile equipment are suitable for concrete structure, steel structure, wood structure, brick wood mixed structure and so on. The products produced by PVC corrugated tile equipment belong to the late stage show, although they started late,

But its advantages are very obvious.

Natural anti-corrosion performance, even if the tile itself is in the acid and alkali salt and other strong corrosion environment for a long time, the performance will not decline. Therefore, the products produced by PVC corrugated tile equipment are particularly suitable for coastal areas and corrosive chemical plant roofs. The weather resistance is excellent. Even under the influence of long-term sunlight, temperature change, wind and rain, a series of aging phenomena such as fading, discoloration, cracking and strength reduction will not appear. Adopting the industry three-layer coextrusion technology, the surface of products produced by PVC wave tile equipment adopts ultra-high weather resistance engineering resin. In addition to ensuring the color of the product surface is gorgeous and lasting, it also has the advantages of good toughness and impact resistance. The intermediate layer is made of high-quality PVC, supplemented by the world's top processing aids, and the bottom layer is the weather resistant resin wear-resistant layer. The products produced by PVC corrugated tile equipment adopt the most advanced three-layer coextrusion process and all adopt high-end materials to ensure the super long service life of the products. According to the National Chemical Center test, no spontaneous combustion, no combustion support, when the fire source left the combustion immediately stopped. The thermal conductivity of steel is one third of that of steel and one twelfth of that of concrete, and its thermal insulation performance is obviously superior to that of other tiles.