Ingenuity----- Insist On Customer First, Serve With Heart

- Dec 06, 2018-

In September 2018, CCTV's old story "Ingenuity" column group went into Polytech Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. to carry out filming work. The "Ingenuity" column is a large-scale TV documentary program of CCTV. It records and records a group of representative enterprises with "artisan spirit" in the country, telling the story of innovative traditional techniques and inheriting the spirit of artisans. Polytech Company is the first among the industrial enterprises in our city to take the lead in demonstrating the ingenuity. We are adhering to the spirit of “artisan craftsmanship”, pioneering and innovating, and keeping improving.

This year, I am honored to receive an interview with our ingenuity team on our Polytech Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. The spirit of ingenuity will continue to lead us forward, continue to forge ahead, adhere to customer first, and serve with heart.


Adhere to the business philosophy of customer first, service with heart. Management begins with the idea, the idea guides the action, and the idea can also be understood as the value. It is the value scale and standard of our understanding and judgment. It guides us to do what we do, what we do, how to do it, how to do it. Values and ideas are the standard and basis for us to judge things and analyze problems. We agree with a concept and a value, in order to judge and choose to do things with a unified standard, so that we can think about it in one place and make it to the next place. Improve work efficiency and reduce cooperation costs. Our philosophy of "customer first, service at heart" is to focus our company's goals on our customers, mobilize resources around customer requirements to meet customer needs, achieve customer value, and realize corporate value and employee value by realizing customer value. Choosing customer orientation means giving up technology orientation, production orientation, product orientation, etc. All these orientations must be customer-oriented services to better gather strength and achieve enterprise development.


Return to the fundamentals and practice basic skills. Business management is the fundamental and basic skills of an enterprise. Operating with customers as the center, management as the business service, and interlocking, both are the eternal theme of enterprise development. We must take action to command the action, return to the basics of business management, and practice basic skills. Enterprise benefits do not come from within the enterprise, but the enterprise provides products and services to customers. After the customer recognizes and satisfies, the enterprise can obtain benefits. Management cannot solve the problem of making money, but internal management can provide strong support for making money. It is necessary to achieve high efficiency of management with high efficiency of management.


Constantly maintaining the vitality and combat effectiveness of the organization is an important task that enterprises must attach great importance to. Enterprises, such as people, will cause fatigue due to the continuation of time. This fatigue is caused by the inertia and negative energy accumulated and precipitated by an organization, and secondly by the excessive dependence on the past successful experience of the enterprise. Our company will also encounter this problem. We can only maintain the vitality and combat effectiveness of the organization by overcoming the fatigue of this organization.

Polytech  Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, a beautiful tourist city in China. It is adjacent to the birthplace of Liangzhu Culture, which is known as the “Traditional Chinese Culture”, surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. Based on Zhejiang University, Polytech  Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., based on the digestion and absorption of European advanced pipe-making technology and rich processing experience, adheres to advanced concepts and technologies to produce high-tech, high-quality equipment. Adhere to the customer in the first place, the product after-sales as the foundation of the company. Representative products include: synthetic resin tile production line equipment, PVC wave tile equipment, plastic / antique glazed tile production line equipment and other plastic tile production extruder.

Synthetic resin tile production line equipment structure and working principle Synthetic resin tile production line equipment consists of forming mechanism, automatic fixed length sawing mechanism, receiving frame, flat traction mechanism, electrical control and other parts. The synthetic resin tile production line equipment molding extrusion auxiliary unit and the extruder and the machine head are combined to form an efficient production line, which can continuously produce PMMA-PVC or ABS-PVC composite synthetic resin tile.

In the spirit of “artisan”, the company has been constantly exploring the road of science and technology. With the continuous development of the company, the brand influence of Yixie shares is increasing day by day, and it will receive more media attention. This interview with CCTV's "Ingenuity" column group is also the best affirmation of the company's 20 years of innovation and research and development, creating a quality and innovative enterprise! The CCTV column "Ingenuity" will introduce Polytech Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. with the theme of "The Heart of Objects".