In The Past 25 Years, How Did Polytech Maintain Their Ingenuity?

- Dec 13, 2018-

When I did not conduct Baidu’s collection, I understood the ingenuity and persevered! However, the Chinese language is all-encompassing and unfathomable!

Baidu's understanding is that we often use the term "ingenuity" to describe the creativity and uniqueness of a product or work. Our manufacturers, technology developers are the "artisans" of the present, and the craftsmen should have an ingenuity. So what is the ingenuity.

There is such a story: The clocks of the Christian church built on the Jiangsu Road in Qingdao during the German colonial period have been functioning well. In 2010, a German businessman who invested in the production of large gears in China saw the clock with his father while visiting Qingdao. The old man suddenly recognized that the gear used in the watch was supplied by his family business. In an interview with the reporter, the German businessman said: "According to the current use situation, these gears have no problems, and can be used for another 300 years. If you really want to repair, I am afraid to go to my great-grandchild generation."

Ingenuity is first and foremost. Be ignorant of things, be wide and treat others. Only by maintaining a modest heart can we have enough psychological space to discover the world and understand the world. To do technical work, the eyes must be placed high, the heart must be lowered, only this can deepen understanding and perception.

Ingenuity is perseverance. Whether it is academic. Technology, or the development of a certain product, or the development of a project, most of the time we will be confident and full of power. As time goes by, the constant emergence of problems, all kinds of failures will continue to erode our energy. Can we still persist as we did at the beginning? What is perseverance, perseverance is a kind of perseverance, perseverance is a long-lasting marathon, and it is likely to be a marathon that is still unknown. All we can do is run. Perseverance can test the perseverance of the craftsman.

Ingenuity is attentive. Subtleties highlight extraordinary qualities. The attitude of technology and product excellence is indispensable, and the ingenuity is the persistent pursuit. Constant pursuit and continuous innovation are the eternal topics in today's society. I am not against innovation, but I am against innovation without foundation. The true craftsman must be open-minded, persevering, and careful in a certain field, in order to further discuss innovation, in order to complete the true sense of innovation, this innovation is a new life after the fire, is the quenching after tempering, and more It is a free and easy way of getting out of the water.

In the past 25 years, how did Polytech maintain their ingenuity?

In the horizontal direction, Polytech is one of the pioneers in the plastics industry. We started in the technical field. In order to explore more extrusion technology problems, we gradually began to transform into entities. Only in the repeated practice can we exert the theoretical knowledge and then continuously improve and innovate. With more and more large-scale production, polytech gradually began to refine its product line according to its own advantages, from the original diversification to the dominant production. Since 1998, we have carried out deeper research and development and mass production of the main products of synthetic resin tile equipment, plastic steel tile and other sheet equipment. In the past 20 years, from the first generation to the present Nth generation, combined with customer and market demand, we are changing every year, sometimes so small changes. Because we have always believed that there is never an end in the technical field.

Looking at the vertical, how many enterprises in China can be deposited in the press industry for 10 years, 20 years, or even longer? It is still limited to be able to persist. How many of these companies are still extending and expanding around related industries? That's even less. Polytech is still insisting. In recent years, in order to benefit new customers with more investment outside the industry, we have also extended some related industries, raw materials, products, technical training... The purpose is to enable us to better serve the broad masses. In the next n years, we still hope to collapse, be a true craftsman, and have a pure ingenuity. Let's cheer up!