How To Properly Clean The Barrel Of Synthetic Resin Tile Equipment

- Sep 13, 2017-

Cleaning the synthetic resin tile equipment barrel is much easier than cleaning the synthetic resin tile equipment screw, but it is also very important.

1) When preparing the barrel for cleaning synthetic resin tile equipment, the barrel temperature of the synthetic resin tile equipment is also set at 200 °C.

2) Screw the round steel brush to the drill pipe and the electric drill as a cleaning tool, then wrap the steel brush with a copper wire mesh.

3) Before inserting the cleaning tool into the barrel, sprinkle some stearic acid into the barrel or sprinkle stearic acid onto the copper wire of the cleaning tool;

4) When the copper wire mesh enters the barrel of the synthetic resin tile device, the electric drill is started to rotate, and the movement is artificially moved back and forth until the front and rear movement becomes no resistance;

5) After the copper wire mesh is removed from the barrel, use a bundle of cotton cloth to wipe back and forth in the barrel to remove any cleaning resin or stearic acid residue; after several such round-trip cleaning, the barrel cleaning is done. The thoroughly cleaned screw and barrel can be assembled at any time for the next production! !