How To Do Well The Maintenance And Protection Of Roof Tile Equipment

- Apr 01, 2020-

Before the removal of glazed tiles and ancient glazed tiles, the power supply shall be cut off, the interior and exterior decoration of eaves and roof protection shall be done well.

If the wooden frame is inclined, the front door berm and the captive berm shall be prevented, that is, the top of the wooden frame shall be firmly supported by the fir haggard. For the sake of safety, the large plate shall be prevented longitudinally on the slope and the step strip shall be nailed.The operation will move the large board along with the working process. When dismantling tile parts, the hook and water drop of ancient green tiles shall be removed by line and sent to the designated place for proper preservation.

Then dismantle the glazed tile Longhe vertical ridge, berm ridge, etc., and finally dismantle the big ridge. If necessary, use crane to assist in operation. Special attention shall be paid to protect the tile from loss during disassembly.

It shall be stored according to the classification of ridge tile, cover tile, bottom tile, hook head, water drop, etc. Then make a statistics, the scope of statistics includes the parts of ridge, cover tile, bottom tile and hook head, the number of water dripping that must be replaced, the name of glazed tile to find out the sample number, cloth tile to find out the number for processing in tile factory. The ash and soil shall be removed from the tile materials that can be used.

After the tiles are removed, the original back cushion shall be removed. Generally, the watch board should be removed and replaced by carpenter. Then check the roof truss. If it is necessary to replace the wood components, install the curtain and pull it out, it should be fully used in this period of time.