Flat To Slope Tile Production Line Equipment

- Jul 21, 2020-

Since the 512 Wenchuan earthquake, the seismic performance of buildings has been highly valued in the construction. The earthquake does not kill people, but the collapse of buildings caused by the earthquake. Therefore, when we build our own house, considering the seismic performance of the house is to protect ourselves and our family.

In addition to reasonable structural design, the selection of building materials is also very important. The building materials with light weight, high strength and good seismic performance are the best choice.

From the point of view of our country's rural construction, mainly brick and wood masonry houses, the wall is made of brick, stone, Adobe and other materials. Due to the poor connection of each part of the house, the connection of the components of the house is not strong, the connection between the external wall and the wall, and the connection between the wall and the roof are weak links. The roof is covered with mud tiles that will slide down in an earthquake. All these factors will cause serious secondary disaster. "The earthquake itself will not harm human beings, but the buildings damaged in the epicenter.". From the seismic point of view, the design of building structure and the selection of building materials are the most important. The way to achieve this is to give the building enough strength, stiffness and ductility to resist the destructive force of earthquake on the building. From the perspective of building materials, the seismic requirements are analyzed. On the one hand, the materials should have sufficient strength. Although high strength does not equal to high earthquake resistance, the flexural and tensile strength of building materials with brittle material characteristics are more important; on the other hand, the materials should have excellent durability and safety reliability, so as to resist different service environment and different media All kinds of adverse effects. As a professional synthetic resin tile manufacturer, it is suggested that when selecting roof tiles, the resin tiles produced by flat to slope tile equipment with strong seismic performance, safety and firmness can be selected as roof materials.

In addition, there are many accidents due to the deformation of resin tile produced by flat to slope tile equipment:

The main reasons for the deformation and bubbling of the resin tile produced by the traditional small green tile, glazed tile and other easy to synthesize flat to slope tile equipment are as follows: 1. The quality of resin tile produced by flat to slope tile equipment is poor, such as the arch of recycled material products is arbitrary, resulting in uneven camber. 2. The surrounding grid or four corners of resin tile produced by flat to slope tile equipment are uneven. 3. The resin tile produced by flat to slope tile equipment has high moisture content, poor quality and shrinkage deformation. 4. Installation of purlins or purlin spacing is too large, the keel deformation will produce irregular deflection.

5. The stress joints of resin tile produced by flat to slope tile equipment are not tightly combined, resulting in displacement and deformation after stress. 6. The specification of resin tile produced by flat to slope tile equipment is too thin, especially covering color steel tile. The thermal expansion and cold shrinkage ratio of the two materials are different, and the thin synthetic resin tile is easy to bubble. It is broken and easy to fall off. When the earthquake occurs, it will pour down, and the consequences are unimaginable.