Decoration Floor Equipment In Hangzhou

- Jul 27, 2020-

Integrated wall is an integrated whole house decoration solution proposed in 2009 for the defects of home decoration pollution and tedious process. The integrated wall can be divided into five types according to the materials: the first material is made of aluminum manganese alloy, sound insulation foam material and aluminum foil, the second is nano fiber, and the other material is made of bamboo wood fiber, which is extruded under high temperature. It is the decorative floor equipment in Hangzhou developed by our company. The third is the solid wood integrated wall, which is made of natural logs for cutting and surface polishing. The fourth is ecological stone integrated wall, which is formed by CO extrusion of natural marble powder and food grade resin material. The fifth one is polymer integrated wall, which is based on polymer compound, adding reinforced fiber and adopting high-tech technology to demould. In addition to the color patterns of wallpaper and paint, the surface with a strong three-dimensional sense and concave convex feeling is the biggest feature of the surface. Hangzhou City decorative flooring equipment can realize online replacement of the pattern and color of the film, so as to diversify the products.

Advantages of integrated wallboard - Hangzhou interior decoration floor equipment:

1. Compared with ordinary decoration, the labor saving cost is about 20000 (because of different decoration concepts and different cost savings, this data can not be directly defined).

2. In terms of materials, compared with wallpaper, there are too many surface treatment processes in the blank room during the process of wallpaper treatment, and the labor cost is large. This product basically does not treat the surface of the wool culture room, and can be directly installed; after the installation of wallpaper, it is not easy to clean the surface, and this product is better than Wallpaper; the moisture-proof performance of wallpaper is poor, once it is affected by damp, it will mildew and fall off The character of water will not change.

3.Compared with the paint, this product has a strong environmental protection performance. After the completion of home decoration, it can be directly moved in, without any harm to human body. Relative to the ceramic tile, the product can be moisture-proof, avoiding the phenomenon of water droplets hanging on the wall in the rainy season.

4. Compared with other wall materials, this product has strong environmental protection performance.

5. This product has a variety of colors. In the actual use process, customers can change the product matching requirements according to their own requirements. It is fashionable and beautiful. The decorative floor equipment in Hangzhou is a very mature product. For the surface treatment, Hangzhou decorative flooring equipment has online and offline lamination to meet the needs of different customers. Hangzhou decorative floor equipment through the replacement of mold, can do different specifications of wall panels or decorative strips. In recent years, our company will embed the intelligent concept into the decoration floor equipment in Hangzhou. Through this reform, the decoration floor equipment in Hangzhou will reduce the dependence on labor force.