Characteristics Of Baolitai Roof Tile Production Line

- Jul 29, 2020-

Roof tile equipment (also known as decorative tile, synthetic resin decorative tile, resin tile, plastic roof tile, resin roof tile, roof colored tile, corrugated tile, etc.) has the following characteristics:

The products produced by roof tile equipment have light weight, 5.8kg/m2. After 12000 hours of artificial accelerated aging test, the color difference value is less than 5 (color change can not be distinguished by naked eyes). The products produced by roof tile equipment have strong impact resistance. The 1kg heavy steel ball fell freely on the tile surface from 1.5m height without breaking and cracking. Good low temperature resistance. After ten freeze-thaw cycles, the product has no blistering, hollowing, peeling and crack. Product installation is convenient and fast. The roof truss is simple in structure and can be directly fixed on the wooden strip without the need of watch board. The products produced by roof tile equipment have passed the national environmental mark product certification. The products have no pollution in the process of production and use. The leftover materials and products can be recycled and used for other purposes at the end of their service life. They are energy-saving green environmental protection products. Strong three-dimensional sense, shape design in line with the traditional national architectural style. The fireproof products of roof tile equipment meet the international B1 Standard. The length of the tile can be cut according to the actual needs of the project. As there is no longitudinal lap, unnecessary loss is reduced. Compared with the traditional small tile, the product itself is dense and does not absorb water, and has fewer lap joints. If it is designed and installed according to the requirements, it can meet the three-level waterproof standard. The fixed parts of the tile have double waterproof function in design, which can effectively prevent rainwater from infiltrating into the drilling hole, and prevent the self tapping screw from rusting and corrosion due to rain leakage, so as to ensure the overall performance of the roof and reduce maintenance. The anti load performance of products produced by roof tile equipment. When the horizontal support spacing is 75cm, the weight is 150 kg without cracks and damage. Therefore, it can not only bear the normal wind load and snow load, but also ensure the safety in the process of installation and maintenance. Self cleaning. The surface of julewa is bright and clean with lotus leaf effect. It will be as clean as new after being washed by rain. The products produced by roof tile equipment have excellent corrosion resistance (no chemical reaction after soaking in sulfuric acid solution for 6 hours). The volume is stable, the expansion coefficient of the product is small, and it has biaxial tensile performance in the geometric design. Even if the temperature changes, the expansion and contraction of the tile can be digested by itself to ensure the dimensional stability of the tile.


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