Bamboo Wood Fiber Integrated Wall Production Equipment

- Aug 10, 2020-

I believe that many small partners in ordinary times have encountered bamboo wood fiber integrated wallboard this kind of decorative materials. But do you know how to make this kind of good dream fiberboard? Today, Hangzhou baolitai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. will analyze the past and present life of this material from the perspective of God.

The production process of bamboo wood fiber integrated wall is as follows:

The first step is mixing raw materials in the background. Raw materials such as calcium carbonate, bamboo and wood fiber powder, PVC resin, polymer nano fusion agent and other raw materials should be mixed and stirred according to a certain proportion.

The second step of extrusion molding: start a new high temperature and high pressure extrusion line. In the high temperature return boiler, the above raw materials are extruded at a high temperature of more than 200 degrees, and then extruded through different specifications of wallboard molds. Make the plate splicing seamless installation more convenient.

The third step of cooling cutting: start high temperature constant temperature channel and rapid cooling line. What should be noted here is that active water must be used instead of stagnant water, otherwise there are a lot of bacteria. The expansion coefficient can be effectively eliminated by rapid cooling with water. After cooling and molding, the cutting machine is used to cut it into a fixed length, which can be used after cooling for a few days.

Step 4 sanding dust removal: start a new sanding dust removal line. In this way, it can make the whole bamboo wood wall panel more smooth, make the board more flat, and make the next surface covering film more firm.

Step 5 surface pattern treatment: at present, there are three surface treatment methods, the more widely used are heat transfer machine and coating machine, which can be online or offline treatment. According to the design and style of the products before, the surface is heat coated after special process treatment to realize the handle and texture of marble, wood, wallpaper, etc. It makes the surface of the integrated wallboard more smooth and bright, and can play the role of moisture-proof, waterproof, wear-resistant and chemical corrosion-resistant while improving the gloss.

Step 6: quality inspection and packaging. After a series of above processes, bamboo wood fiber integrated wallboard products enter the final packaging process, and the final product is basically completed. The quality inspection personnel of the factory will take samples from the finished products for quality inspection, so as to ensure the qualified rate of the finished products, and then mass produce them as finished products and put them on the market.


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Production process: paste anti-counterfeiting code, package and deliver. Each panel of Oriental Leyi integrated wall is provided with anti-counterfeiting label, which is conducive to customers to buy authentic products and effectively prevent the influence of malicious counterfeit products in the market.

The above is the whole process of how to make bamboo wood fiberboard. I hope that when you buy, you can know more about this material and buy your favorite product.