As A High Quality PVC Roof Tile, What Should It Have?

- Jul 30, 2020-

As one of the oldest building materials, roof tile has been widely used for thousands of years. With a small body on the roof of the interpretation of the ultimate architectural art, witnessing the vicissitudes of China. All of them are inseparable from the craftsman's ingenuity.

But how is a good roof tile made?

As the first protective layer of the roof, it will inevitably contact with rain and sunshine, as well as bearing capacity. If the water absorption rate of roof tile is too large, it will increase the self weight of the roof and bring adverse impact on the safety of the building structure. Moreover, if the water absorption rate of roof tile is too large, it will not be easy to dry, which will reduce the corrosion resistance and durability of roof tile in the long run. If the roof is too cold in winter, the water resistance will be reduced.

So what are the conditions of high quality roof tile?

Overall, the primary waterproof and impermeable performance, tile strength, detail design, and color durability.

1. because the raw material PVC itself has the function of resisting chemical corrosion, plus a variety of functional profiles to assist the ratio of raw materials to resist cold, resist ultraviolet radiation and resist aging.

2. The roof tile has strong compactness and high strength, so it will not crack even if it changes suddenly in cold and hot weather.

3. Waterproof design can prevent the leakage of reverse rainwater, keep the roof safe and dry, fundamentally solve the problem of roof leakage, and play a role in cleaning the roof.

4. The combustion grade is B1, which has good flame retardant and heat insulation effect.