Application And Characteristics Of Plastic Glazed Tile Equipment And Antique Glazed Tile Equipment

- Aug 19, 2020-

1. In various industrial buildings

Applicable reason: no asbestos and no pollution

In many industrial places, we can see the figure of anti-corrosion thermal insulation tile produced by plastic glazed tile equipment. PVC is widely used in industrial buildings, and the installation of tiles is convenient. In addition, it is light in weight, so it is easier to transport. From the latest market quotation of anti-corrosion and thermal insulation tile produced by plastic glazed tile equipment, we can see that its overall cost is low, which can save costs for industrial sites And it does not contain asbestos components, so that all kinds of industrial sites can pass the acceptance smoothly.


2. Farmers market

Applicable reason: no need to worry about microporous water seepage

There are many corrosive substances in the agricultural market, which have certain requirements for the anti-corrosion function of tiles and high requirements for waterproof performance. The anti-corrosion heat insulation tile produced by plastic glazed tile equipment is most suitable for this kind of place. It has an anti-corrosion protective layer and can adapt to the corrosive environment. Moreover, the anti-corrosion and thermal insulation tile produced by the best plastic glazed tile equipment does not need to worry about microporosity in the use process Water problem, it's waterproof, suitable for many public places.


3. General workshop

Applicable reason: strong self purification and anti pollution ability

The general workshop is difficult to clean regularly, so the tiles are required to have a certain self-cleaning ability. The anti-corrosion and thermal insulation tiles produced by this kind of plastic glazed tile equipment have a surface protective layer, and the tiles have good compactness. It has a certain anti pollution ability. Even if there is dust contamination, the tiles will be washed automatically when it rains, so the production of plastic glazed tile equipment is carried out It's hard to see dirt on the anti-corrosion and heat insulation tiles.

4. Ordinary residential buildings

Applicable reason: excellent heat preservation

Generally, the ordinary residence is a permanent building in the process of building, which requires that the tiles used not only have good impact resistance, but also need good thermal insulation. The anti-corrosion heat insulation tile produced by plastic glazed tile equipment is stable for a long time and is not affected by thermal expansion and cold contraction. Moreover, it has strong flame retardancy, strong fire resistance and good thermal insulation effect of PVC materials.


In recent years, many galvanizing plants and chemical fertilizer warehouses have also selected this kind of anti-corrosion thermal insulation tile. The anti-corrosion thermal insulation tile produced by p-plastic glazed tile equipment has strong anti-corrosion ability and sound insulation, which is a good choice for all kinds of workshops. With the gradual improvement of the performance of this kind of tile, its application field is more extensive. Especially in the current decoration construction market, the requirements for building materials are gradually improved, so its installation rate is higher and higher.

The anti-corrosion and heat insulation tile produced by plastic glazed tile equipment can be used outdoors, because it has the ability to resist ultraviolet radiation, long-term exposure to the outdoor will not damage the tiles, can maintain the color stability for a long time, it has strong chemical stability and tensile resistance, also has a certain degree of sound insulation, so it has a wide range of uses. So which places are most suitable to install the anticorrosion and heat insulation tiles produced by plastic glazed tile equipment?