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- Jul 04, 2018-

Our company, polytech, constantly develops domestic and foreign markets and is committed to promoting resin tile equipment everywhere.

In mid-June, two professional commissioners from our company set out to debug synthetic resin tile equipment in Nepal and Myanmar, and all of them successfully completed the equipment debugging within 3 days. The customer is very satisfied, both for the stability of our equipment and the after-sales strength of our company. Satisfaction recognition.

Based on the principle of customer first, we constantly improve the level of our own debugging technology, and we are closer to the comprehensive skills. We stand on the customer's stand to think about the problem, the customer's interests are always supreme, I believe that we will go further and further on the road of mutual benefit and win-win. .

Our company greeted Russian customers in June to come to polytech to accept PC tile extrusion equipment. The equipment is mainly used for the production of PC transparent tiles. It is mainly used for house, workshop, warehouse, residential, carport and other roof lighting. It is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, impact resistance, low fire noise, etc. It is flexible and convenient to install.

The produced PC tiles are high in strength, green and environmentally friendly, and the customers have passed the acceptance test. We are satisfied with our equipment as always.

Our company is committed to the field of plastic extrusion for more than 20 years, constantly drawing on the most advanced extrusion technology, summing up experience in the process of growth, constantly improving equipment products, and the ultimate satisfaction of customers is the win-win progress we pursue.