What is PVC Profile Machine

- Aug 23, 2019-


Plastic profile products are wildly used in following: window frames, staircase handrails, wiring grooves, wall foot boards, special-shaped pipes and so on. Raw materials are mainly hard PVC, a few are semi-hard PVC, soft PVC, polyurethane low foaming materials,ABS, PC, PP, PE material.

POLYTECH develop several generation PVC profile extrusion machine, which can produce thousands of profile by changing shaping mould.

How many types for PVC PROFILE MACHINE?


300 model









Motor Power










Same machine can be used as wpc profile, pvc profile, wpc/pvc wall panel, window profile, etc.

What is the composition of pvc profile making machine?

1. Auto-feeding machine

1.1 Screw feeding system

2. SJZS-65/132 conical twin screw extruder

2.1 Screw diameter:65/132mm

2.2 Screw effective working length:1440 mm

2.3 Screw rotation speed:0~34.5 rpm

2.4 Screw/barrel material:38CrMoAIA

2.5 Screw/barrel surface treatment:with nitrogen treatment, hardness:≥HV900

2.6 Surface nitrogen thickness:≥0.5mm

2.7 Motor power:37Kw

2.8 Max. Output:250Kg/hr

2.9 Speed adjusting mode:“ABB” frequency inverter

2.10 Temperature controlling mode:PID adjustment with alarm including mold and flow channel

2.11 Temperature controller brand:“Omron”temperature controller

2.21 Quantitative feeding motor power:0.75Kw

2.22 Feeding motor speed adjusting mode:“ABB”frequency inverter

2.23 Low-voltage electric appliance brand:“Siemens”

2.24 Frame Structure: Welded frame with high quality square steel pipe

3. Vacuum calibrating unit

3.1 Water tank material:stainless

3.10 Both electrical control box and operation plate have waterproof protection.

3.11 The back/forward movement device for shaping platform:The screw connects to shaping platform and tractor, screw reduces the speed of motor, electrical control the shaping platform to move back/forward.

3.12 Other multi-dimensional adjustment: The water tank horizontal tilt, shaping platform right/left position, and up/down elevating movement are all manual adjustment.

3.13 Vacuum gauge and water temperature gauge shows vacuum degree and water temperature.

4. Caterpillar tractor

4.1 The traction belt is controlled by the frequency converter speed control

4.2 The clamping length is 2000mm

4.3 Traction rubber block size is 300X35X30mm(can changed depend on customer final product); lining steel board is Q235 bottom plate connection. it is reliable and wear-resistant, and its shape depends on the finished profile.

4.4 Up and down belt opening method: Pneumatic, famous national brand

4.5 Driving motor: 1.1KWx2                      

4.6 It equipts with the protecting screem, has the before and after orientation.

4.7 Speed adjusting mode: Imported frequency controller”ABB”

4.13 Low voltage components: “Siemens”

5. Auto Cutting machine

5.1 Cutting motor power: 1.5 KW                        

5.2 The maximum height of cutting: 300mm

5.3 Blowing fan power: 1.5 KW

5.11 Low voltage components for traction and cutting: “Siemens”


6.1 Stacker length: 6000mm

We are pvc profile extrusion machine manufacturer for 25 years. We already develop several generation of profile making machine. In order to meet market requirement, we also introduce the smart technology system into extrusion machine. We are the pioneer to this business in China. With this new latest technology, we can improve auto system for customers, which can help them save labor cost and increase the efficiency.