What Is ASA+PVC Corrugated Roof Tile Sheet ?

- Jul 18, 2019-


PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) roof tile is made of polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC) as the main raw material, supplemented by UV anti-ultraviolet agent and other chemical raw materials, through scientific ratio, with advanced technology.

ASA+PVC corrugated roof tile sheet, also known as plastic tile, is a replacement product of color steel tile. Multi-layer co-extrusion technology is adopted to cover the anti-aging ASA layer on the surface of the product, which improves the weather resistance and color persistence, and increases the wear-resisting layer on the bottom surface.

It has good fire prevention, anti corrosion, weather resistance, no asbestos, bright color, environmental protection and health. also ASA+PVC Corrugated Roof Sheet used in the roof and wall of large-span gantry structure workshop, which not only meets the anti-corrosion requirements of light steel structure workshop, but also saves steel and reduces the cost.

Why Avoid Metal Roof Tile Sheet In Chemically Aggressive And Corrosive Environments?


◇ Agricultural environments such as barns, pigpens, hen houses, dairies, and stables can present hygienic and cleaning challenges for any roofing or cladding material. Gases such as ammonia and hydrogen are common in livestock feeding or housing environments, and they are the source of quick and widespread rust and corrosion for metal roofs and partitions.

◇ This corrosion results in high maintenance and replacement costs. ASA+PVC corrugated roof tiles and roof sheets offer a corrosion-free and chemical-resistant alternative that provides farmers with years of low cost, low maintenance and greater hygiene.


◇ Industrial environments such as mining and chemical processing plants create dust and ash that, when combined with mist, rain, and perhaps even saltwater, coat the roofing with a layer that is highly corrosive to metals. But not in the case of ASA+PVC corrugated PVC sheets. These solutions are virtually maintenance free as they can endure a wide variety of gases and chemicals for the life of the panel—and under the harshest conditions.

How produce corrugated roof sheet?

Hangzhou POLYTECH plastic machinery co.,ltd was established in 1997. Its as well known by the professional corrugated roof sheet making machine manufacture. Our company has its own research,development and manufacturing center, business includes the development and manufacture of a complete set of extruding equipment research and development of extruded products plastic raw material supply Customer training base and other aspects,in all aspects mentioned above, we will do our best to provide customers with timely, courteous services and comprehensive technical support.


Hangzhou POLYTECH Plastic Machinery company adopts the latest technology, and optimizes the production line, so that the whole production line has the advantages of Plasticizing uniform, low shear rate, high yield and long service life.

The ASA+PVC Corrugated Roof Sheet Extrusion machine Line is composed of conical twin screw extruder, T-die Shapping machine and cooling system, traction, fixed length cutting and stacker. the extruders with different specifications can be selected according to different sections and moulds.

The ASA+PVC Corrugated Roof Sheet Extrusion machine Line can continuously produce colorful PVC season resistance and inflaming retarding Corrugated Roof Sheet in buildings. The SJSZ65/132 conical twin screw extruder is available to produce the pvc layer and the SJ50/30 single extruder to produce the Surface ASA layer.the output is around 1800m²per day,while SJSZ80/156 conical twin screw extruder is good choice to produce more Corrugated Roof Sheet,output is 2000 m²per day.

This ASA+PVC Corrugated Roof Sheet Extrusion machine Line has the characteristics of stable plasticization, compact structure, and high automation and easy to operate, etc, it is a perfect choice for manufacturers.

I.Main technical parameters of the equipment

Exteruder model

SJZS65/132 Conical twin Srew Extruder

SJ50/30 single extruder

SJZS80/156 Conical twin Srew Extruder

SJ50/30 single extruder

Extruder motor power







(Can be produced depend on customer’s requirements)



Thickness: 0.8-4mm

Length: according to the customers need

Color: green, blue, gray, red, yellow, brown.

Haul-off speed



Round Wave or T wave

II.Technical parameters of Main equipment.

1.SJZS65/132 Conical Twin Screw Extruder


Main system

Screw diameter: φ65

Output : 300 kg/hr

Type : Special design for PVC compounding

Type of motor: AC motor

Motor power: 37 kW

Drive speed: 1400 rpm

Motor brand: SIMENS

2.SJZS50/30 Single Screw Extrusion


Main system

Main motor drive power: 18.5kw.

2.Heating power: 9.2kw.

3.Maximum output: 50kg/hr.

3.Roofing Sheet Downstream Unit


Main system

Mold material: P20.

Mold surface treatment: surface polishing chromium plating, chromium plating

thickness: 0.05mm.

Shaping mode: pneumatic opening and closing.

III.Our Service

1.Supply Technology Process and Equipment;

2.Supply Design and Arrangement of the Workshop

3.Supply Instructions of Installation of the Equipment

4.Supply Technical Documents and Software of the Project

IV.Why Choose Us

1.We can provide formula to customers, engineers have more than 25 years of experience in plastic extrusion machine debugging, our customers all over the world.

2. The manufacturing of each machine guarantees high quality materials and selects the top supplier to supply.

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