The rise of lighting equipment has also satisfied the pursuit of a large number of people.

- Nov 26, 2018-

The society is growing, people are increasingly demanding lighting, and the lighting tiles produced by the lighting equipment are also satisfied with the pursuit of a large number of people. The primary inspiration for the pursuit of lighting tiles is the environmentally friendly nature of the lighting tiles. Why is the lighting tile environmentally friendly? What are the characteristics of the lighting tile that make it environmentally friendly?

Regardless of the material, in order to be safe and environmentally friendly, it must be that the material itself has a high safety factor and will not pose too much risk to the scene when stored, transported, used or even disposed of. And thus risk to our well-being. It is required that the material has a long service life and the material and power consumption is minimized. Do not affect the appearance of the scene and the climate. Therefore, lighting tiles are the safest and most environmentally friendly choice.

The characteristics of the lighting tile are as follows:

1. The light transmittance is up to 85%, and the light transmission function is good.

2. Weathering, receiving sunlight, ultraviolet light is converted into visible light, and the animal is not affected by photosynthesis;

3. Non-toxic, no approximation such as asbestos carcinogenic microbes, suitable for world health standards;

4. It does not grow moss, avoids the development of microorganisms and attachments, and is resistant to strong winds in ordinary construction;

5. The texture is tough and impact-resistant, and the revival can be restored even if the wheel is overrun;

6. Safe and reliable, open fire does not support combustion, national CB8625-88 test, is a flame retardant B1.