The future development prospect of plastic steel tile

- Dec 19, 2018-

Chemical building materials are one of the new building materials that the country strongly advocates and promotes. At present, the engineering design of “synthetic resin tile flats and slopes” has been highly regarded, and the common features of these programs are that they do not pursue novel shapes. And bright colors, but as close to the surrounding environment as possible under the premise of meeting the project.

The engineering materials of “synthetic resin tile flat to slope” include asphalt fiberglass tile, oil felt tile, asphalt heat-fixing tile, synthetic resin tile and other materials. These materials have good sealing performance and heat preservation and energy saving effect. The problem of water leakage that plagues residents can be solved. Among many chemical building materials, environmentally friendly super weather-resistant synthetic resin tile/PVC wave tile (board) products occupy a prominent position, because of the light weight insulation, corrosion resistance and maintenance-free; the production is easy, the construction is convenient and the price is suitable. Features. Widely used in warehouses, public buildings, bazaars, simple houses and other fields. However, due to the shortage of PVC material itself, PVC wave tile (board) products have weaknesses such as easy fading and poor aging resistance, and competition with other products (such as color steel plates, colored tiles, red mud tiles, etc.) limits it. Sustainable development. Many PVC wave tile (board) companies are facing new technological breakthroughs. Synthetic resin is the most important component of plastics, and its content in plastics is generally 40% to 100%. Because of the high content and the nature of the resin often determines the nature of the plastic, the resin is often considered synonymous with plastic. For example, a mixture of polyvinyl chloride resin and polyvinyl chloride plastic, phenolic resin and phenolic plastic. In fact, resin and plastic are two different concepts. Resin is a raw, unprocessed polymer that is used not only in the manufacture of plastics, but also as a raw material for coatings, adhesives, and synthetic fibers. In addition to a small part of plastic containing 100% resin, most plastics, in addition to the main component resin, need to add other substances.

The market prospect of synthetic resin tile is the same as that of new pipe. Of course, it has a very big relationship with the quality of the product itself, but more importantly, the company can have more benign development to truly promote the synthetic resin tile. market share. Of course, if the company can invest some funds for technology research and development under the premise of developing the company, it is believed that the market share of the company will also be greatly improved. The characteristics of synthetic resin tiles are very good. They not only have the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation and waterproof, but also are more resistant to earthquakes. They are ideal building materials for many buildings. Synthetic resin tiles not only have a lot of high-quality performance, but also have great market development potential. The market prospect of synthetic resin tiles is very good. For now, the market share of synthetic resin tiles is getting higher and higher. In addition, some domestic enterprises have invested in the further research and development of synthetic resin tiles, and the development of a new batch of products will be more competitive.

The now-launched "PVC/ASA co-extruded wave board (Watt)" technology provides a new solution. In addition to retaining the original advantages, this technology has achieved revolutionary breakthrough in weather resistance, anti-aging, impact resistance and high gloss due to the use of imported ASA engineering plastic materials and PVC synthetic resin tile materials by special process compound coextrusion. . It is an optimal upgrade solution to replace the original technology and has great promotion value. The “synthetic resin tile” roofing decorative waterproofing material (especially the light roofing decorative waterproofing material) that is currently being promoted nationwide is another potential market. The purpose of "synthetic resin tile" is to solve the problems of poor thermal insulation, easy penetration and unsightly of the flat roof of the city. The synthetic resin tile roofing material selected by the company must have light weight, rich colors, good waterproof performance and simple construction. Moderate price.