Synthetic resin tile market is about to usher in a new round of shuffling

- Jan 17, 2019-

From 2008 to 2018, the new environmentally friendly synthetic resin tile has undergone an astounding change over the past decade.

From the earliest single layer to the current two-layer, three-layer, or even four-layer composite tile, from the single-storey PVC blend to the surface of the ASA's exotic material, from the market no one knows, to the current household name.


With the market demand for diversity, Polaroid is constantly improving the technology of its equipment and the development of innovative technologies to meet the needs of different customers. From single-layer simple technology to multi-layer complex compounding, from high-cost formulas to continuous improvement of the bottom line, from a variety of problem products to market recognition, in the past ten years, projects related to synthetic resin tiles occurred. The earth-shaking changes.

However, in the past ten years, in the industry, there have been several ins and outs. Our company has always been adhering to the concept of quality first and moving forward. Whether it is cruel price competition or malicious personal attacks, we are striving to adhere to our initial intentions and become a clear stream of industry and lead everyone to move forward actively.

Especially in recent years, resin tile products have sprung up like mushrooms, and the related industries have also been experiencing unprecedented expansion. Like the balloon that has been blown up, it is surprising and scary. From some indiscriminate equipment manufacturers, raw material manufacturers, to the final products of many bad streets, I think more and more people realize that a new round of competition shuffling is coming to us.

In recent years, according to the response of many end customers, we have continuously overcome the equipment production capacity, automation, raw material formula, etc., on the basis of not increasing the market sales cost, we respond to those malicious and unscrupulous through these changes. Price competition. We have always believed that only customers who are consistent with their own values can have the opportunity to cooperate and maintain a long-term relationship. This is also recognized by most customers. I also believe that our brand benefits for more than 20 years must be based on excellent quality and VIP after-sales to make him last forever.

For the end products, after all, the survival of the fittest will be achieved. Only strong and excellent enterprises and teams can only follow the rules of the market. Only in line with social development can we follow the wheel of history.

I hope that with the joint efforts of all, the new synthetic resin tile / beautiful country tile / old city renovation tile will bring beautiful colors to China.