Some production parameters of PVC + ASA / PMMA glazed tile and resin tile equipment

- Jul 22, 2020-

PVC + ASA / PMMA glazed tile and resin tile equipment

Main technical parameters

Host model: sjz80 / 156 + sj50 / 30

Product width (mm): 880 / 1050

Product thickness (mm): 2-3

Pitch of waves (mm): 160

Wave length (mm): 220

Wave height (mm): 30

Engine power (kw): 55

Max. extrusion capacity (kg / h): 300-400

Scope of application:

It is mainly used in flat slope, villa, mobile house, garden pavilion and other roof areas.

Product introduction:

The product is a new generation of permanent roof material specially designed for corrosive workshop and heavy acid rain area.

The product adopts two-layer coextrusion technology, and each layer has its own function

Surface material: super weather resistant resin to ensure the durability and chemical corrosion resistance of the product;

Bottom material: white ductile material to increase the sense of space and brightness of the plant.

Two kinds of different materials endow the products with their own functional characteristics. The surface is smooth and organically combined, which makes the new generation of APVC anti-corrosion composite wave plate solve the problems of durability, corrosion resistance, small rigidity, space feeling and beauty.

Note: please call or take a field test for the specific scheme.