Road protection mats

- Jul 21, 2019-

                                   Hangzhou polytech company in addition to the production of various resin tile equipment, pipe equipment. We also sell road protection mats, which is deeply loved by customers.Next, let's introduce the road protection Mats.


Road protection mats Protects your expensive lawn while providing access and traction on mud, sand, snow, and other difficult surfaces. Peliou HDPE floor MATS can be used to create temporary roads for all types of vehicles and equipment, or large work MATS for drilling, administrative buildings, bone farms, temporary flooring, and other industrial applications.


Road protection mats BENEFITS:

_Creats an instant roadway over virtually any type of terrain -mud, sand, marshy, uneven or soft terrain

_Protects valuable turf during landscaping projects

_Superior alternative to plywood and fiberglass-will not warp, rot, crack or delaminate

_Save time and labor getting vehicles and equipment traversed over difficult terrain

_Avoid potential injuries to workers incurred while dislodging vehicles and equipment from mud

_Protects vehicles and equipment from excessive wear and damage due to operating on unstable ground conditions

_Easily handled and laid by two men _no need for expensive crane wagons

_Lay as two parallel tracks or a single roadway

_Link together with metal connectors.

_Easily cleaned due to less aggressive lug pattern

_Extremely durable to withstand vehicle weights up to 80 tons


Road protection mats USES a proprietary mixture of high density polyethylene (hdpe) and a special impact modifier to adapt to thermal expansion, uv resistance, antistatic properties and great strength. They can be connected in multiple directions to form large work areas, via lanes, turns, and various other platforms and road configurations. These rugged composite pads do not rot, degrade, or warp, allowing for long term installation and years of reuse.

We produce Road protection mats with multiple specifications for you to choose from.

-Size available


910*2440mm (3'*8')









-Thickness12.7mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm

-Cleat height: 7mm

-Color:Black/Dark Green/ orange (A variety of colors are available)