Plastic glazed tile equipment

- Jul 29, 2020-

The rising situation of tile price for plastic glazed tile equipment has been determined. Resin tile manufacturers all over the country are affected by the rise of PVC raw materials. For details, please refer to the article: the tiles produced by plastic glazed tile equipment will be increased with the rise of raw materials. Even so, it can not resist the pace of its rise. Before the production of plastic glazed tile equipment occupies a large share of the market, but with the continuous development of plastic products, the use of color steel tile defects continue to appear: poor sound insulation, easy heat conduction, serious corrosion and rust, etc. The tiles produced by plastic glazed tile equipment have the characteristics of light weight, noise resistance, insulation and easy installation, which gradually occupy the market of color steel tiles. In many transformation projects, the production of plastic glazed tile equipment has become a popular trend.

Pingzhuangpo project has laid a solid foundation for the tiles produced by plastic glazed tile equipment to occupy the city. With its excellent waterproof and impermeability, safety and non falling off, anti-corrosion and flame retardant, thermal insulation, long service life, self-cleaning function and other excellent characteristics, the project quickly defeated its competitors and won the title of "pingzhuangpo special tile" widely used by the state

With the economic development, China's rural areas have undergone earth shaking changes, farmers' income has increased, and their lives are better. The houses have been rebuilt from the original low and humid old tile houses into single courtyard villas, and the roofs are no longer heavy and leaky clay tiles. New roof tiles with environmental protection, energy saving and beautiful appearance are more popular. Now, the shadow of tile produced by plastic glazed tile equipment can be seen everywhere in rural areas.

Our Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that urbanization is the only way to modernization and an important support for breaking the urban-rural dual structure. In the coming period, we will focus on solving the existing "three 100 million people" problem, promoting the settlement of about 100 million agricultural transfer population in cities and towns, transforming urban shantytowns and villages in cities where about 100 million people live, and guiding about 100 million people to urbanization in the central and western regions. The construction of new urbanization is the great potential to stimulate the economy and expand domestic demand. With the support of "300 million", isn't it the golden position for the production of new building materials plastic glazed tile equipment?