Machine for roofing sheet

- Aug 13, 2019-

Machine for roofing sheet

The components of tile materials produced by machine for roofing sheet do not react with acids, alkalis and salts. In the long-term use process, there is no possibility of corrosion, so the product can maintain excellent physical properties. Using high quality PVC resin as the base material, adding UV ultraviolet absorbent, antioxidant, modifier, etc., to ensure the service life of the product. Even if exposed to ultraviolet, humidity, heat, cold and other natural environment for a long time, it can still maintain its stability and ensure the long-term safe use of products. Using advanced two-layer attack technology in the industry, it has higher mechanical strength and physical performance than ordinary single-layer tile. The test of National Chemical Inspection Center shows that 1.2m purlin spacing increases 1500N, deflection of plastic steel tile less than 3% has been inspected by National Chemical Inspection Center, and the fire performance grade is flame-retardant B1, all emphasizing fire safety method. All the factory buildings are suitable for the safety and environmental protection roofing materials recommended by the National Association for Building Materials Promotion. The thermal conductivity of the tile produced by PVC roof tile equipment is 0.22, about 1/3 of clay tile and 1/2000 of 0.5mm thick color steel tile. Therefore, without any heat insulation and cooling facilities, the thermal insulation performance of the tile produced by PVC roof tile equipment can still reach the best level and fully meet the demand. The tile produced by PVC roofing tile equipment can effectively block the noise caused by natural factors such as rainfall and wind.


The tiles produced machine for roofing sheet should not be directly covered in thermal insulation materials. Construction safety, in order to ensure personal safety, ladders or other suitable facilities should be used in construction. During installation, you can't step between two purlins. Installation operation is not suitable under the temperature below - 5 C and wet weather such as rain and snow. Design requirements, PVC roof tile equipment production tile series, wall panel series, non-removal and ceiling series applicable to roof truss height-span ratio between 1:5-1:6, each tile should be strictly in accordance with the required purlin spacing construction. In construction mode, two wave waves, roof tiles, wall panels, non-demolition and ceiling series are overlapped with one wave, and the length overlap (longitudinal overlap) should not be less than 100 feet. Fixed roof tiles, wall panels, removal-free and ceiling series can be fixed by professional hooks provided by our company, or by self-tapping. The series of tiles produced by PVC roofing tile equipment must be fixed by professional hooks provided by our company. It is not allowed to make purlin fixed by special wooden nails provided by our company.


Two sets of fittings should be installed evenly for each purlin and tile, and the fittings must be fixed on the wave crest. The vertical edge of the tile produced by PVC roofing tile equipment should be fixed on purlin with fittings at every wave peak. Auxiliary reinforcement measures should be taken in windy areas. When installing wall panels, more than two rivets should be used to fix each purlin at the overlap of two wall panels. When installing tile hook, special rubber pad should be used underneath the tile, and the nut should be loosened appropriately, not too tightly. When installing ridge roof, both sides of tile and ridge tile should be installed at the same time. When cutting tile, use circular finely toothed saw. The installation method of enhanced shining tile is the same as the above. All reinforced shining tile plates should be strictly distinguished between the positive and negative sides in use. Please install by professional team to ensure installation quality.

Installation Notes:

The purlin can be made of square pipe (60*40*3mm) or C-section steel (100*50*20*3mm) or anti-corrosion wood square (60*40mm). The purlin spacing is 660 mm, arranged from bottom to top. The main tile should be installed in reverse direction according to the local direction. A watt wave is lapped and carried out simultaneously on both sides. When installing the right ridge tile, cut off a section of the first ridge tile before installing it. The overlap of the right and inclined ridge tiles shall be sawed together. After the installation of the right and inclined ridge tiles is completed, the three-way tiles shall be installed. Fixers are special fittings. Fixed with electric drill, the hole diameter is 2 mm larger than hook nail screw rod.

The diameter of tapping screw is 6.3 mm. The installation method of resin tile is the same as that of color steel tile. In fact, as long as the workers who build shed or make steel structures do not need to teach. Installation method is simple and fast.

Characteristics of synthetic resin tile:

Color persistence: machine for roofing sheet The surface material of synthetic resin tile is made of imported engineering resin with super weatherability. It has super durability in natural environment. It can maintain its color stability even if it is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, humidity, heat and cold for a long time.

Excellent bearing capacity: synthetic resin tile has good bearing capacity. In low temperature areas, even if the roof is covered with snow all the year round, synthetic resin tile will not cause surface damage and fracture. Tests show that under the condition of 660 mm support distance and 150 kg loading, the tile will not produce cracks and damage.

Sound insulation effect is good: The test proves that resin tile has good noise absorption effect when it is affected by external noise such as rainstorm and gale.

Shock resistance, good low temperature resistance: synthetic resin tile has strong external bearing capacity. The free falling of 1 kg steel ball from 3 m height will not cause cracks, and the impact resistance at low temperature is also remarkable.