Lighting tile production line details

- Nov 20, 2017-

Equipment function: This production line can produce lighting board, color board and ordinary flat board.

Basic parameters:

Requires personnel: 3-6 people production speed: 2-8 m / min ?? Power requirements: 80KVA

Sheet width: flat large effective width 1500mm corrugated height: large 130mm

Sheet thickness: 0.3-3.0mm Equipment body size: length 46-53m width 1.85m height 3.5m

Energy consumption index: The actual energy consumption is about 25KW / h in summer and 40KW / h in winter.


1. The intelligent control system of PLC and dual touch screen makes the production line easier to operate, and the operators can complete the production independently after training;

2, Intelligent temperature control system, equipment temperature control accuracy, reduce equipment energy consumption and improve production efficiency and product quality;

3. The automatic frequency conversion adjustment of the yarn cutting machine is synchronized with the production line, and the local fiber reinforcement of the sheet is made according to the production needs;

4, Stable horizontal cutting control, high precision cutting, low cutting noise, closed dust collection;

5. The production line adopts national standard steel and national standard cable, and the quality of the equipment is guaranteed;

6. The production line reserves an upgrade interface, and additional auxiliary equipment can be added at any time according to the production needs.

7.Technical services: professional technical team, perfect service system, fully serve the equipment users.