Life span of antique glazed tile

- Jul 21, 2020-

For example, ASA resin tile is different from PVC plastic steel tile as follows:

1. Because ASA resin tile is made of ASA weather resistant resin, the surface of ASA resin tile has the functions of anti ultraviolet, freezing and acid rain resistance, so the service life of ASA resin tile will be extended to 20-50 years;

2. PVC plastic steel tile is made of pure PVC and processing aids such as flame resistance, without the protection of surface weather resistant resin tile. According to the UV intensity and acid rain composition ratio in the use area, the service life of PVC plastic steel tile will be shorter than 2-5 years.

The main factors affecting the service life of resin tile.

The service life of resin tile is related to the following three factors:

1. The ASA high weather resistant engineering resin layer on the surface is the key, which directly affects the service life of the synthetic resin tile.

2. The service life of synthetic resin tile is also related to the amount of surface ASA resin and coextrusion technology.

3. It is related to the corrosivity of acid and alkali in the area where resin tile is used. Generally speaking, if the acid, alkali and other corrosivity are relatively strong in some areas, the service life will be relatively reduced.