Introduction to the performance of roofing tile equipment

- Oct 18, 2017-

Roofing tile equipment is environmentally friendly, lightweight, light and beautiful, and it is zero-loss during installation and can be recycled. The use of roofing tile production equipment should understand its following properties:

Roof tile equipment performance

1. Conductive to building energy efficiency

Roofing tile production equipment can speed up the construction speed of the project, reduce the investment of roofing support materials, and save the cost of building houses for real estate developers. The raw materials used in production are mostly industrial wastes, which can also be turned into waste in addition to reducing industrial pollution. "Bao", molded color cement tile can use industrial waste residue in addition to sand as fine aggregate, such as fly ash from power plant, slag from steel mill, as fine aggregate after wet grinding activation process, its blending amount can be Up to 60%, thus saving resources, saving land, protecting the environment, etc.

2. Normal temperature molding

Because it is formed by high pressure molding with 150T press, it does not need high temperature sintering steam curing. Generally, the outdoor temperature is above 20°, and it can be demolded in 8 hours. The product dimensions are accurate, the corners are neat, and the bite is reliable.

3. Tile type diversity

The colors are colorful, colorful, durable and decorative.

4. Light tile

The width of the tile is large, the weight of the roof unit is light, the general size is 428mm×336mm, the weight of the single piece is 3.6~4kg, the weight per square meter is 36~40kg, and the clay sintered tile and glazed tile are about 16 pieces per square meter. Each piece is 3kg, 45~51kg per square meter.

5. Structural diversity

The traditional roll forming process is avoided, and the tile head has a single structure, and the tile head has a higher water blocking function, and even if it is used in a slope roof below 10°, there is no rain backflow phenomenon.

6. Reliable connection

The lower circular arc shape is smoother, and the rear protruding portion can be overlapped with the head of the other tile. When the roof slope is not large, the tiling can be omitted.