Introduction of color steel tile

- Jul 17, 2020-

Color steel tile, also known as: color profiled tile, is a kind of profiled plate which is made of color coated steel plate and cold bent into various wave shapes by rolling.

Color coated steel sheet refers to the steel plate coated with color organic coating or film on the surface of galvanized steel sheet, aluminum plated steel sheet, tinplate or cold rolled steel sheet. On the one hand, it plays a role in protecting metal, on the other hand it plays a decorative role

Performance introduction:

Pollution resistance. Tomato paste, lipstick, coffee beverage and edible oil were applied on the surface of polyester coating, and after being placed for 24 h, it was washed and dried with washing solution, and the surface luster and color did not change.

High temperature resistance. The gloss and color of the coating have no obvious change after being heated in 120 ℃ oven for 90 H.

Low temperature resistance. The bending and impact resistance of the coating did not change significantly when it was placed at - 54 ℃ for 24 h.

Boiling water resistance. After soaking in boiling water for 60 min, the surface luster and color of all kinds of coating products have no change, and there are no blistering, softening, swelling and other phenomena.

service life:

Due to different uses and environmental conditions, there are many factors affecting its service life. According to the use function, the service life can be divided into the following categories:

There are some defects such as discoloration, peeling off of the steel plate, discoloration of the main body and service life of the steel plate. It has an impact on the image and beauty of the building, but has not yet reached the extent that the coating loses its protective effect.

The service life of the coating renovation refers to the service time of further corrosion of the substrate caused by most of the defects such as delamination and rust spots on the surface of the color steel plate.

The ultimate service life refers to the time when the color steel plate is used for a long time without renovation until serious corrosion occurs.

According to the types of color plates commonly used in China and the environmental perspective of normal use, the service life of color coated steel plates for construction can be roughly as follows:

Decorative Service Life: 8-12 years;

Repair service life: 12-20 years;

Ultimate service life: more than 20 years.