Hangzhou Polytech business includes synthetic resin tile equipment, plastic steel tile equipment, etc

- Aug 10, 2020-

Hangzhou Polytech Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, China, which is known as "paradise on earth". It was registered in Hangzhou high tech Industrial Zone in 2007. The predecessor of baolitai company is Zhejiang University polymer engineering company (founded in 1995). Relying on the Institute of polymer materials of Zhejiang University, based on the digestion and absorption of European advanced equipment manufacturing technology and rich processing experience, baolitai company adheres to the continuous development and innovation of advanced products and technologies, high-quality manufacturing technology and equipment, so as to meet the various requirements of customers. The company has its own research, development, manufacturing center, including synthetic resin tile equipment, plastic steel tile equipment, hollow composite tile equipment, PVC transparent tile equipment / synthetic resin tile equipment production line, all of which are our fist products. After more than 20 years of development and development, Hangzhou baolitai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed into the largest manufacturer of plastic composite tile production equipment in China (and also the largest equipment supplier of the industry in the world). The production lines of plastic single-layer tile and multi-layer composite tile and plastic glazed tile production line developed and produced by our company have been sold to Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, India, Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Iran, Italy and other countries and regions in the world, with a domestic market share of more than 40%. It is worth mentioning that the newly developed composite plastic tile technology, which can make all kinds of waste plastics as core filler, produces various bright colored plastic tiles, and adopts new plastic raw materials on both sides of the plastic tile, which solves the problem of anti ultraviolet and anti-aging on the surface. It also solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by waste plastics in many areas. It is a green environmental protection product in a real sense. Compared with traditional cement tile, ceramic glazed tile or color steel tile, plastic composite tile has the characteristics of light weight, convenient installation, fast construction speed and high efficiency. The heat insulation effect is more than 300 times of color steel tile, and the sound insulation effect is more than 100 times of color steel. At the same time, due to the acid and alkali corrosion resistance of plastics, it has obvious advantages in coastal, chemical and pharmaceutical, leather, ceramics and other industries. In Foshan, Guangdong Province, as ceramics is a pillar industry, we have sold more than 30 production lines, including 8 production lines in Guangdong Hongbo. At the same time, the hollow tile production line newly developed and produced by our factory has filled in the domestic blank. Its hollow tile not only has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, elegant shape and noble grade. It also has special functions of heat insulation, sound insulation and rust prevention, which is suitable for tropical weather. It can be widely used in factories (Chemistry and medicine), sports ground, agriculture, marine products, warehouse, etc. All kinds of tiles produced by our equipment have been widely used in the "flat to slope" project, as well as some pavilions and pavilions, hotels, villas, exhibition halls, resorts, families, workshops, stadiums and other buildings.