Green environmental protection new roof tile equipment

- Apr 22, 2020-

In recent years, the vigorous development of green buildings has driven the demand for environmental protection and energy conservation of building materials products, and the traditional production mode of domestic building materials industry is also changing dramatically. The successful transformation and upgrading of the traditional roof tile industry is inseparable from the reform. Among them, "material innovation" has become an important driver of the reform. The tile produced by PVC roof tile equipment is an important achievement of material innovation. It has many advantages, such as anti-corrosion and weather resistance, wind resistance and earthquake resistance, heat preservation and insulation, fire resistance and fire resistance, long service life, no need for renovation and maintenance during its use, which is recognized by the state as Environmental protection and energy-saving building materials are widely used.

The tile products produced by PVC roof tile equipment with environmental protection and energy conservation have great development space: first, the industry has a long-term stable development, and the demand for projects such as flat to slope, landscape transformation, and new rural construction is large; second, the system and mechanism reform of most tile enterprises producing PVC roof tile equipment in the industry has made remarkable progress towards marketization, and the modern enterprise system has been basically established; third The overall technical level of the industry is mature, close to the world's advanced level, and some fields have reached the international advanced level;Fourth, a number of backbone PVC roofing tile equipment production tile enterprises "go out", in the international market to show the comprehensive strength of China's new roofing tile, and led the "go out" of Chinese standards, labor and complete equipment, and achieved good comprehensive benefits. Promoting the development of environmental protection and energy-saving building materials is the original intention of developing green buildings. After more than ten or twenty years of baptism, traditional tile materials will become construction waste, causing a lot of pollution.

The tile produced by PVC roof tile equipment can not waste land resources but also be effectively recycled. In addition to many performance characteristics, it is widely used in flat slope, new urbanization, new rural construction, shantytown reconstruction and other projects. All building materials products that do not conform to the concept of green environmental protection will be eliminated, and new building materials that conform to the times and industrial development will usher in new development opportunities. The tiles produced by PVC roof tile equipment will promote the roof tile industry to enter a new chapter in the development of environmental protection and energy conservation.