Extrusion production of synthetic resin tile

- Aug 04, 2020-

Synthetic resin tile is a new type of anticorrosive composite plate. Extruded by synthetic resin tile equipment. The synthetic resin tile is processed and molded by three times co extrusion technology. The surface ASA is extruded by 50 single screw extruder in the co extrusion of synthetic resin tile equipment. The intermediate layer is extruded by the main machine of the synthetic resin tile equipment as the skeleton layer (PVC material), and the bottom wear-resistant material layer is extruded by the 65 host machine of the synthetic resin tile equipment. The characteristics of synthetic resin tile produced by synthetic resin tile equipment are as follows:


1、 Weather resistance. Synthetic resin tile generally produces excellent high weather resistant engineering resin. These materials are high weather resistant materials, which make them have extraordinary weather resistance in natural environment. It can maintain the stability of color and physical properties after long-term exposure to ultraviolet, moisture, heat, cold and impact. Similarly, due to the co extrusion of synthetic resin tile equipment, the weather resistance is improved Perfect.

2、 Excellent corrosion resistance. High weather resistant resin and main resin have very good corrosion resistance, which will not be eroded by rain and snow, and can be corroded by many chemicals such as Hellenic acid, alkali and salt for a long time. Therefore, it is very suitable for coastal areas with strong salt spray corrosion and severe air pollution areas.

3、 Load resistance performance. The resin tile produced by synthetic resin tile equipment has good load resistance performance.

4、 It has good impact resistance and low temperature resistance. The synthetic resin tile has good impact resistance and low temperature resistance. The 1 kg heavy steel hammer falls freely on the tile surface with a height of 1.5m. After 10 freeze-thaw cycles, the product has no hollowing, blistering, peeling and cracking.

5、 Self cleaning. The surface of synthetic resin tile is compact and smooth, and it is not easy to absorb dust. The rainwater washes clean as new, will not appear the mottle and mottle phenomenon which is washed by the rainwater after the scaling.

6、 Easy to install. Complete supporting products. The tools and procedures are simple.

7、 Green environmental protection. The synthetic resin tile produced by baolitai synthetic resin tile equipment has passed the certification of China environmental label product, and can be completely recycled and reused when the service life of the product is over.

8、 The fire rating reaches B1. Meet the requirements of roof material fire prevention, reach the standard of fire retardant level, effectively delay the spread of fire.


The ASA synthetic resin on the surface mainly plays a leading role in anti ultraviolet aging and bright and lasting color. The PVC composite material in the bottom layer mainly plays a leading role in the strength of the main body. After its combined extrusion, the main technical parameters are anti aging, anti load, impact resistance, anti wind pressure, tensile resistance, high and low temperature impact resistance and other 25 phase technical performance. These technical contents must be tested by the chemical building materials testing center according to the industrial standards. If each test is qualified, a valid (service life) test report will be presented. If one item is unqualified, it will be returned to the enterprise without further testing. However, the local technology testing center can only use the enterprise standard to detect, which can not achieve the perfection of the detection. In particular, the tile surface test of synthetic resin tile equipment is calculated by hour (acceleration theory), and the time test is carried out (the method uses the accelerated aging test of 12000 kinds of saline alkali water and artificial ultraviolet light for spraying and irradiation per hour), which is equivalent to 35 years of anti-aging. Therefore, this is the synthetic resin tile must have a level test report to ensure the quality of the tile.


The surface layer of the synthetic resin tile produced by the equipment is super weather resistant resin (ASA), Its great advantage is that it can resist degradation, aging and fading caused by ultraviolet radiation. At the same time, it has strong guarantee for decomposition or discoloration caused by high temperature in the process of oxidizing processing in the atmosphere. This greatly improves the aging resistance, durability and color permanence of synthetic resin tiles, and also has good high temperature resistance. In addition, ASA is also an anti-static material. The new villa tile has the self-cleaning performance similar to lotus leaf. There are many kinds of quality identification methods for resin tile produced by synthetic resin tile production equipment, such as instrument test and organization test report, but these methods are not suitable for ordinary consumers.