Daylighting tile equipment is also satisfied with the pursuit of a large number of people

- Aug 13, 2020-

With the development of society, people have higher and higher requirements for daylighting, and the daylighting tile produced by daylighting tile equipment is also satisfied with the pursuit of a large number of people. The first thing to pursue daylighting tile is that it has environmental protection characteristics. Why does daylighting tile have environmental protection characteristics? What characteristics of daylighting tile make it have environmental protection characteristics?

No matter what kind of material, in order to achieve safety and environmental protection in the process of labor, it must be that the safety factor of this kind of material is high, so that it will not pose too great risk to the scene in storage, transportation, use and even disposal, so as to risk our health. It is required that the service life of materials is longer, the consumption of materials and power should be minimized, and the introduction effect on the scene is not formed. Therefore, daylighting tile is the most safe and environmental protection selection. The company provides lighting tile production line, roof tile equipment, etc., if you need, please contact us

The characteristics of daylighting tile are as follows:

1. The transmittance is 85%, and the light transmission function is good.

2. Weather resistant, receive sunlight, convert ultraviolet light into visible light, and keep the photosynthesis of animals unchanged;

3. It is non-toxic and has no similar carcinogenic microbial pollution such as asbestos, which is suitable for the world health standard;

4. It does not grow moss, avoids the development of microorganisms and attachments, and is resistant to strong wind in ordinary construction;

5. The texture is tough and impact resistant. Even if the wheel is rolled, it can recover the appearance of rejuvenation;

6. It is safe and reliable, the open fire does not support combustion, and the national cb8625-88 test shows that it belongs to flame retardant grade B1;