Antique glazed tile production line equipment - Introduction to molding machine

- Jan 30, 2019-

How to buy a synthetic resin tile production line, which affects the final aesthetics of synthetic resin tiles? Which is the most critical part? Our answer must be a glazed tile forming machine.

Based on the experience of European advanced plastic extrusion processing, Hangzhou POLYTECH Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. continuously develops and innovates, strives for excellence, and independently develops and designs glazed tile forming machine. The equipment has stable operation, high production efficiency, compact and reasonable structure. Easy maintenance and long life.

The glazed tile forming machine is mainly composed of a frame, upper and lower wall panels, molding modules, power system, cooling system, electrical control, etc. It looks like a tank, with cooling fans on the left and right sides, a protective cover on the outside, and a track at the bottom. Can move back and forth in production.

The glazed tile forming machine is a 20-pair or 30-pair aluminum mold driven by a power system and a chain. The sheet from the extruder is pressed and cooled, and the resin tile is cooled by the left and right air coolers. Continuous production of synthetic resin tile products.

Among them, the aluminum mold is specially described. Each aluminum mold of our company adds 2 more ribs at the bottom, and the weight is increased compared with the ordinary aluminum mold on the market, which increases the cost, but greatly increases The strength of the aluminum mold, the service life of the aluminum film is prolonged, and the aesthetic appearance of the synthetic resin tile is also improved during production molding.

POLYTECH Company can design different shapes of aluminum mold according to customers' requirements and produce synthetic resin tiles of different shapes. The following is a special synthetic resin tile “Xiaoqingwa” designed and developed by our company for a customer in Shanghai. Used extensively in Huizhou architecture, replacing the previous clay tiles.

Hangzhou POLYTECH Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., constantly research and development and innovation, contribute to the construction of our new countryside.

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The main technical parameters of glazed tile forming machine:

Specification: SJW220*1050

Center height: 1050mm

Production speed: 0~4m/min

Maximum traction: 50KN

Drive motor power: 5.5kw

Module logarithm: 22 pairs

Cooling fan power and quantity: 550w*8

The guide rail can be moved back and forth: 1400mm

Speed control mode: "ABB" brand frequency converter speed regulation

Low-voltage electrical appliance brand: "Zhengtai" brand

Module material: aluminum alloy, light weight, high strength, good wear resistance, etc.

Forward and reverse motor power: 0.18kw

External power supply: displacement of 0.67m/min

Exhaust pressure: 0.7Mpa