Our History

▲Technical services began in 1994,POLYTECH cooperating with zhejiang university.

▲Established the company in 1998 and begin the equipment research and development production processing.

▲Start international business in 2000 year.

▲In 2008, POLYTECH established alliances among leading companies in many industries in the world to strengthen technology research  and product development.

▲Inventing PVC compounding, produce product and operate training company in 2016 year. POLYTECH offer total system and one key service to all world customers.

Our Factory

Hangzhou POLYTECH plastic machinery co., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacturing, sales and service of plastic extrusion equipment, plastic auxiliary machine and plastic mould. With deep understanding and experience for the plastic compounding and extrusion machine, POLYTECH develops more and more stable, high-advanced and durable qualified machine. For past 25 years, POLYTECH has accumulated abundant technical resource, built a strong team work, completed all company system, which bring us high reputation in domestic and international market. We have exported our production line to more than 100 countries all around the world. Welcome to join us!

Our Product

Roofing sheet extrusion line、Glazed tile extrusion line、Twin-wall hollow roofing sheet co-extrusion line、PC/PP/PE Transparent corrugated roofing sheet/plain sheet/hollow sheet extrusion line、SPC/WPC/PVC Flooring sheet extrusion line /WPC/PVC Foamed board extrusion line、Plastic sheet(board)extrusion line、WPC/PVC Door panel extrusion line、WPC Product extrusion line、PVC Profile extrusion line.

Product Application

Used in factories, shopping malls, storerooms, greenhouses, sports fields, construction sites, garden-style factories, tourist scenic spots pavilions, hotels and villas, urban leveling slope, new rural construction and other fields.

Our Certificate

Utility model patent certificate

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Production Market

Products have been exported to the United States, Germany, Russia, India, Thailand, Iran, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and other countries, more than 100 different countries.

Our Service

Machine service

1. Machine installation and testing in customer factory.

2. Supply the professional formulation and technicians.

3. Workshop design guidance and base equipment preparation.

4. Operator do training in POLYTECH product factory or customer factory.

5. Give suggestion to customer about market, network promotion.

6. 12monthes guarantee and long life machine maintenance.

7. Supply mixing raw material, one key service to final user.